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May 11, 2023

Helpful item voting patch & removed dead items

The helpful item voting was patched for resources that utilize this functionality. Previously a user could vote helpful and vote not helpful, this has since been patched so that only a vote up or vote down can occur. The more users utilize this functionality the better our results will be for you. If an item is helpful, or not helpful please mark them as such so we can continue to refine the items on Flowradar to ensure that only the best items are showcased!

We've gone ahead and removed quite a few items that are no longer available and will be doing this more regularly, we don't want to have Webflow cloneables, Webflow templates or items that no longer are available or of low quality.

April 3, 2023

Adding helpful item voting

We added helpful voting to various sections of or site, this allows you to vote on whether or not an item, such as a cloneable or a template, was the item you were looking for. This will allow us to begin to refine results, remove/add items, and improve item descriptions based on your feedback. The more feedback we receive on items, the better our results will be and in turn help you have an easier time find what you are looking for.

March 30, 2023

Fixed Cloneable Categories page

Thanks to a helpful user for pointing out that our Webflow cloneables search page wasn't showing the proper number of items! We've also uncovered a few more bugs in the process and plan on getting those fixed ASAP.

Update: Squashed another bug that was preventing pagination from working properly and displaying less items than properly showing. This has now been fixed. We've also fixed the pagination back to top feature, when you click on the next page on our search and filtering sections you'll automatically be taken to the top of the page. A simple quality of life update.

March 29, 2023

Templates Changes (Lighthouse added & more)

We just added Google Lighthouse scores to all templates. Our goal is to help users identify the best templates for their projects and from feedback from users we've gone ahead and added Lighthouse scores to all templates. You can view these on each templates page.

We also spent time removing dead templates, outdated templates and overall poor performing templates. We plan on continuing this as time goes on so that only the best Webflow templates are shown on Flowradar.

Search & filter Webflow templates by Lighthouse scores:

We've now added the functionality to search and filter Webflow templates by Lighthouse scores. This will making finding the best Webflow template for you even easier. Sort by overall Lighthouse grade, Lighthouse performance, Lighthouse accessibility, Lighthouse best practices and Lighthouse SEO.

Webp images

In an effort to make our site even more lightweight we have converted all previous screenshot images to Webp. This saved an average of 40% for each image. Over the coming months we plan on doing this for the rest of Flowradar assets. This will make browsing Flowradar even more efficient and take up less, precious resources.

March 20, 2023

Added Inspiration to Homepage

March 1, 2023

Added Webflow Inspiration

Welcome to our new change log page, here you will find the latest changes made on Flowradar and can keep up to date with this project.

Added Webflow Inspiration page:

  • Staying in line with the mission of creating an all-in-one Webflow resource site we added Webflow inspiration examples. We're currently adding new site inspiration designs daily and plan on revamping this section based on user feedback.

Updated outbound links to open in new tabs:

  • This has been debated back and forth on a number of Twitter threads, based on user feedback we've gone ahead and set it up so that outbound links from search pages and individual item pages now open in a new tab. This allows you to stay organized easier rather than having to navigate back to pages and potentially losing your position.

Added a changelog:

  • We now have a changelog which you are currently viewing. We'll be adding new updates to the site here, we look forward to continuing to make Flowradar the best Webflow resource site out there and have some exciting new things coming your way in 2023.

Updated mobile nav bar:

  • The mobile navbar was a disaster and needed a quick fixing. We plan on getting this dialed in a bit more soon but needed to make immediate fixes so that it was mobile friendly.