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Here's a technique to add a 360 degree draggable image to Webflow

A horizontal scrolling timeline of events driven by Webflow CMS. You can navigate through the timeline both vertically (below) and horizontally. Both lists stay in sync. The vertical section shows more notes and links regarding the timeline events. This timeline is CMS driven and there are two collections, one for the events and one for the categories of each events. Each year of the timeline is made out of one collection list. There is more info on how this works at the bottom of the page, specifically how the CMS and CSS calc work. This could be great for about pages, client timeline pages, and much more.

Easy to implement looping lightbox via jQuery for Webflow. All you need to do to implement is copy the code from the page settings. Add fo-lightbox class to all lightbox elements. Publish the site to see the results as it won't work in designer. This method utilizes Webflow's native CMS for the images and the custom JS code provided in the closing body tag of the Page Settings.

Just about every kind of payment method badge, icon or image you'd need for your Webflow site. This includes payment methods like PayPal, American Express, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Stripe, Mastercard. They include images with backgrounds, no backgrounds and much more.

Here's a way of changing the background image on a link hover in Webflow. This is great for a menu, or other sections in which you'd like to have the image change while hovering over a text or link element on your Webflow site.

Here's an example of a menu with a slide in interaction and that features a background video for the menu. A fun interaction that adds some depth and liveliness to your Webflow site.

Here's a way to add a custom, social media sharing hover interaction to your Webflow site. When a user hovers over the icon on the page a social media sharing interaction is triggered that displays 4 different social media sharing sites.

A fun and unique green pricing table design for Webflow. This pricing table design features a large headline and a four section pricing table with a unique hover over interaction. When a user hovers over a card the card is attracted to the mouse and moves around a bit. The pricing cards feature product information as well as a primary discounted card label for a package. A great design to get your Webflow sites pricing section built out quickly.

Here's an easy way of adding tooltips to your Webflow site using tippy.js. Simple tooltips have never been easier with Webflow by using tippy.js. To style them just change the custom attributes in the element settings. In order for this to work you'll need to view it on the published site and copy the custom code. This demonstration shows six different tool tip variations, including default hover, bottom tooltip, animated tooltip, tooltip without arrow and a tooltip that follows your cursor and finally a tooltip on click.

A modern cloneable accordion grid for Webflow. This accordion grid is a free and easy copy and paste cloneable built with all necessary interactions so that you can quickly add an accordion to your Webflow project.

Here's a unique and fun button with border animations in Webflow. Initially the button looks rather basic, however with a few line animations it makes this button really pop. The lines were placed within wrappers and set the wrappers to an overflow hidden. The move animations to each line was added to control which direction the lines came in from with the different hover states. Scaling the lines doesn't allow for transform-origin to be changed on the different states, hence why the move option was used instead. There are 6 line wrappers with lines inside of them and they are all placed on different sides of a button with a position of absolute.

Here's how to utilize a Deck of Cards API via GitHub, VS Code and jsDelivr with your Webflow sites. Be sure to check the tutorial video and GitHub repo to tie it all together. A nice way of understanding how to make Webflow content even more dynamic via the power of low-code.

A fluid, morphing SVG background for your Webflow site using Anime.js. Perfect for the background of your Webflow sections, or entire site.

A magnetic call to action button featuring rotating text and a trailing custom cursor in Webflow. Circletype.js was used for the circular text rotating animation. You can change the text and the circle radius will automatically recalculate.

Showcasing Webflow's new blending and backdrop features. This demonstration cloneable shows off how text hover effects behind Backdrop blur and blend effects in Webflow. In this example text behind backdrop blur shapes showcase the effects colored linear gradients and shapes with no color gradients and the effects of text behind with hover effects. This technique uses a bit of CSS to create the text outline and hover effects.

A simple and effective way to reveal an inline image within text in Webflow. This unique Webflow interaction adds some boldness and creativity to an otherwise boring text link. When someone hovers over the text link the text expands to display an image, drawing the eyes and making for a unique call to action.

This is a fun mouse cursor effect that creates an artificial spotlight effect in Webflow. Simple settings with mouse movement interaction. There are two versions, shadow and white on white. Any color or text is possible.

An easy way to add expanding tabs with interactions via Webflow. This requires native interactions and zero custom code. A great way of adding additional text descriptions to tabs and save important space on your site.

Add a hover slider style interaction animation to your site for revealing an image, or div content.

Here's a way of creating a text/content limit for how many lines of text that you'd like a paragraph of text to display. This allows you to have artificial limits to limit clients or keep design elements similar. Refer to the HTML embed code to achieve this and adjust the code according to your needs.

A simple way to create complex CMS grid layouts. You can define a layout for any item in the grid. You can make it multiple spans of columns and rows. You can also set columns and rows to the nth items as well as even or odd items.

An add to cart hover button animation for Webflow. When a user hovers over the Add to Cart button a shopping cart icon slides in from the right side. This helps users understand the action taking place on the button and helps add a new level of dynamic buttons to your Webflow site.

Here's a way to add scrolling section transitions on a Webflow site. You can easily change the colors of the sections to whatever you choose and implement this easily on your Webflow site.

A fun way of changing the gradient background color via mouse in Webflow. Please note this will not work in Firefox. This is a native Webflow interaction and just a single line of CSS code. The CSS controls the pointer events to none while the interactions control the location of the blur and it's surrounding effects.

Looking to add a dynamic image slider that can change based on categories? Here's way to add a dynamic image slider driven by Webflow CMS that can be filtered by categories or links of your choosing. The amount of slides is determined by the amount of images added to the multi-image field within collections.

A beautifully designed modern newsletter opt-in call to action section for Webflow. This free cloneable can be copy and pasted to your Webflow project in no time.

Here's an example of how you can integrate Mapbox into your Webflow project to help create an interactive storytelling experience. This is a great way to create an immersive map interaction while scrolling to different sections on your site. Perfect for giving the history of a city, providing a guided tour and much more. You will need to replace the Mapbox with your own API credentials. Unfortunately this isn't optimized for mobile yet.

Here's a way to add a simple MP3 audio player that hides the browsers default audio controls and works seamlessly with Webflow's CMS collections. This does require some custom code in order for this to work and you will need to host your MP3 files externally as Webflow doesn't allow MP3 filetypes. Be sure to add the custom code found within the head and body tags within the Page Settings.

A CMS driven horizontal scroll using individual pop-up when each item is clicked on.

Want to add an infinite rotating text circle to your Webflow site? This demonstration utilizes Webflow's interactions to create a rotating text circle that appears after page load. The interaction has two key frames, the first has a rotation of 359 degrees with the second 0. Then simply set it to looping and you've got an infinite rotating text circle.

A login page featuring a sign in form with a password showing button in Webflow. This enables you to add a show password option for the password field of a sign in page on Webflow. This cloneable features a simple login page with email, unique form labels, password label and field, stay logged in checkbox and sign in button. This technique uses some custom javascript which can be found at the bottom of the cloneable of the page as an embed.

A unique button animation that displays a ripple effect on click.

Add an interactive 3D background that follows your mouse using this Three.js effect. Adapted from Webflow via this URL: https://codepen.io/billimarie

A clean menu and navigation dropdown design for your Webflow site. When a user hovers over the navigation bar the secondary menu drops down with a nice animation effect.

A unique 404 page design for Webflow. When a user visits the 404 page the mouse cursor creates a spotlight effect that displays an apology with 100 different languages.

Here's an example of displaying information on card hover animation for Webflow. When hovering over the image card the title, author and view project button appears from the upper left of the image. The effect was achieved by placing a div block inside of the card wrapper. In the interactions the div block was set to an opacity of 0% initially. On hover the div block moves to the lower right and the opacity changes to 100%. On hover out the div block returns to its original position and the opacity changes to 0%

Using the MetaMask API and Web3.js you can send Ethereum via Metamask in Webflow. In order to get this to work properly you need to add the custom code found in Page Settings before the closing body tag.

Another unique button animation for Webflow. When a user hovers over the button the text color changes and the arrow icon animates via native Webflow interactions.

Here's a virtual card animation for Webflow. When a user hovers over the card it opens up like a card and displays the inside of the virtual card. A fun animation for your Webflow site and a way to send someone a virtual card.

Here's an example of implementing three.js animated interactive road on your Webflow site. Three.js is a great way to add interactive, 3D effects to your Webflow site.

A 4 column pricing table cloneable design featuring a bump effect for a primary package in Webflow. This beautiful pricing table includes features, package names, pricing info, and a 3D bump effect for the primary package that you'd like to put emphasis on.

Another way of adding unique interactions and animations to the menu loading of your navbar. This demo showcases a grid menu animation on click. The menu wrapper consists of 2 grids, one 3x3 and another smaller 4x8 nested grid on the lower left corner. The panels scale from the bottom to the top and left to the right on click. The text also appears staggered motion from bottom to top. On close the text fades out and moves back down, and the menu panels scale back to 0 in a staggered way.

Add a pause/play button to your sites background video in Webflow.

A simple, interactive scroll text mask technique for Webflow. As the user scrolls down the text moves in separate directions created through a Webflow interaction. The text has a masking effect which can be found on the parent Track div. A great example of Webflow's native masking capabilities.

A hero header component design in Webflow featuring scrolling text marquee and a unique image design. This design is perfect for photographers, videographers and other creatives due to it's unique slanted text effects, infinite text marquee, and unique primary image vignette.

Here's a way to add a contact form popup modal to your Webflow site. Perfect for quotes, advanced contact forms and more via a pop up modal overlay. This contact form overlay includes custom open/close interactions, form inputs, submit button and shadows.

Here is a unique button with hover animation in Webflow. When you hover on the button the border outlines in a cut from two different points which makes the line look segmented. When you hover over the button the lines seem to move in a clockwise fashion and then reverses on hover out. This was achieved by placing two skewed div blocks at the top and bottom of the button with. the same color as the background. The div block was placed precisely on top of the button border. This makes it look like the border is being cut. Then those to blocks are moved left and right on hover to make it seem like the lines are moving. It's a subtle, yet unique effect that adds an interesting effect on hovering on a button.

Easily build your nonprofit or charity site with this cloneable hero section in Webflow. This features fullscreen tabs layout with the ability to display large text content, a full screen menu with unique hover interactions, video lightbox and search functionality.

Here's a rebuild of Stripes mega menu design in Webflow. Add a unique mega menu design and navbar to your site inspired by Stripe's mega menu.

A fun popping credit card hover interaction in Webflow. When a user hovers over the credit card it bounces up and then back down using completely native Webflow interactions.

Here's a way to achieve a folding and unfolding technique for divs or items within your Webflow site on page scroll.

This is a unique interaction in which images reverse movement based on mouse location in Webflow. There are two images facing opposite directions on both sides of the screen. When ou move your mouse on the x axis the images get further and closer apart. It's a very simple effect but can be modified to create endless opportunities. This used two identical images to save on load time and one was flipped horizontally on the y axis. Both images are set to overflow hidden. Then in interactions a mouse move in viewport interaction was applied to both images and they move on the x-axis.

A FAQ section with a sticky sidebar and accordions for various FAQ questions.

Here's an example of a 360 degree image showcase featuring Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man origin story. Please note that this example only works on desktop currently.

Here's a demonstration of a call to action card with a hover animation in Webflow. The hover animation appears at an angle when the user hovers over the card. This is a great way of indicating that the card can be clicked on and visit another page. To create this animation a card wrapper is created with all the elements in it. Then a card wrapper was set to relative and a div block was placed inside of the card wrapper and set the position to absolute and 50% width and 120% height so that it could be angled without losing the height at the top. Then this div was moved 100% to the right from the card. With interactions the div was then rotated -10 degrees. An arrow as then placed in the slanted div block and rotated the arrow 10 degrees to offset the -10 degree angle. The border color also changes on hover.

Easily add dynamic and interactive FAQ sections with accordions and slide in interactions to your Webflow site. There are 5 different designs that include scroll into view interactions as well as expanding/closing accordions, tabs and more.

Cards with a full page transition effect upon click. Upon clicking the transition effect and full screen modal is loaded. Each card has individual colors. Be sure to watch out for the combo classes upon duplication and adding new interactions for each card.

Here's a great way to add a dynamic, image changing section based on scroll in Webflow. The left section is absolute image that changes as you scroll down the page further.

Here's a way to achieve a unique hero section using grid and the Wizardry method in Webflow.

A custom slider for multiple images per slide. This allows you to maximize the number of images, or items for each individual slide. Each slide has a transition preview effect and a fanning out animation upon the transition.

A wonderfully designed pricing comparison table with everything you'd need to showcase and feature a pricing page on your site.

Don't pay for a chat widget, instead build your own chat widget form with Webflow. This is a contact form bubble/widget that is fully responsive. The second page of the cloneable allows you to visually edit the chat header and pictures via a symbol.

The starter style guide project for the Relume Library. This project contains a style guide with the necessary pre-built classes. There are no pages, no layouts, and nothing to delete. This simply allows you to get up and running with Relume, easily. The Relume Library uses Finsweet's client-first Webflow style system. You can find the prebuilt page under Drafts/Style Guide. The styleguide comes with Headings (H1-H6), heading classes (heading-xxlarge), Paragraphs, Links, Block Quotes, Lists, text sizes, text weights, letter spacing, line heights, text styles (using custom Global CSS), text alignment, rich text, colors, background colors, premade shadows, UI elements, buttons (with icons, alternates, icon locations), form elements, icons, image wrappers.

A fun way of creating a 3D animated menu in Webflow. Creating a 3D perspective effect when expanding the hamburger menu. This is a simple, yet effective way, to break out of the typical menu design.

A sticky horizontal scrolling timeline container for your Webflow site. This is a combination of sticky position, overflow-x hidden and a scrolling in view interaction. This is perfect for timelines, milestones, process steps, about, history and much more.

Here's a dark design full width large accordion with interactions for Webflow. An easy way to add a huge accordion to your Webflow site.

Here's a quick and easy way to add a date picker to your Webflow site via flatpicker.js. The reason we love flatpicker.js is because it's a quick, and easy solution and is incredibly customizable. You can find flatpicker.js docs here: https://flatpickr.js.org/

Unfortunately Webflow's native component switches between tabs can be rough on the eyes and somewhat jarring. Using a bit of CSS this cloneable allows for a smooth transition between tabs with visual images by using a small snippet of CSS to override the default tab transition making for a milky smooth transition.

Never change the copyright year or other year on your Webflow site again. With this simple javascript code you'll be able to have years automatically update on all of your Webflow sites. Simply add the custom code found within the body tag section in Page settings, identify the div, and you're all set.

A great way of adding a slider component with a splitscreen gallery slideshow that automatically rotates a collage while animating each slide with it's own transition. View the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/IvxswB5jy-w

An expiremental hamburger menu for Webflow with the interactions. This is a full screen, animated hamburger menu/navigation that you can easily add to your Webflow site.

Here's a fun text effect in which the text fades away on mouse hover in Webflow. A great way to add a dynamic animation interaction to your Webflow site.

A full CSS grid slider hero design for Webflow that includes a variety of unique features. In this design there are custom share button interactions, a scrolling marquee, custom slider next/previous buttons as well as custom slide transitions.

A unique slider animation for the background image on a site. It utilizes the full viewport and provides a unique animation.

A set of 8 different SVG preloaders for Webflow. These SVG preloaders are created entirely using SVGs and can be added via HTML embeds to your Webflow projects. These are perfect for demonstrating a loading state such as a preloader, submit button or other similar action.

An example of a form label input animation for your Webflow site. When you click on the input the label waves above the input via each individual input when it's clicked on.

Four different individual text animations created with Anime.js for Webflow. These animations each create an individual letter loading animation on load. Please note that this only works on the published site. To get this to work give a class to the text that you'd like to animate. For example, animation1. Add a span to the text and give it a class of letter. Copy the code on the settings, before body and make sure that you change the class to the one that you used in the first step.

A nice background animation with a very small fie size. Download the JS files, download the .txt fill file Search for backgroundColor Change the hsla code Upload the new file Link the new script in the script tag

This is a demonstration of Webflow's new blending and backdrop effect filters in action. This cloneable features both blending and backdrop effects in a fun art quiz. The artwork that's being questioned is covered by the Screen blending effect with a Blur backdrop filter over it. When a user selects an answer the blending and backdrop filter is removed to showcase the artists artwork.

A free Webflow login in/sign up page design with unique loading interactions, custom inputs and much more. A perfect cloneable to easily create a login or sign up form for your Webflow site with fun style 3D illustrations and loading animations.

Here's a fun and unique way to add particles that follow your cursor in Webflow. Be sure to check the page settings for the custom code needed to run this properly.

How about a 3D interactive iPad mockup in Webflow? Here's a way to add an interactive, 3D iPad mockup to your site.

A simple pricing table with a three column design for Webflow. This simple pricing table features a blue design with gradients, animated circles background, and a primary pricing package with features options.

An interactive blob and SVG morph technique using anime.js in Webflow. This is a great example of utilizing Anime.js and a blotter text effect for your Webflow site. When a user moves the mouse/cursor on the page different interactive effects take place to make the site entirely dynamic.

Easily add a preloader page animation to your Webflow projects. This loading animation allows you to easily edit and add a unique preloading transition to your Webflow site.

Add custom CMS slider with stacking and overlapping cards.

BlueKit is a simple and easy to implement UI framework for landing pages. Perfect for prototypes for user-testing sessions during quick design sprints. You can use the template and pre-built blocks to quickly build page structures. This was built with the beginners in mind. Clone the project, scroll down and delete, hide or move elements as you need. Change the color, font for any style of the current elements and all will change accordingly.

A great way to add mouse aware, location aware slider navigation interactions to a slider.

Using Webflow's new blending modes this text effect on scroll becomes apparent of the capabilities of blend modes.

A fullscreen photo accordion with hover over interactions for Webflow. This Webflow cloneable features a unique full screen accordion powered by Webflow's native CMS system. When a user hovers over each card the card expands to show a larger image and detailed information about the accordion. While a majority of the effects were created with Webflow's native interactions there is some custom code that needs to be applied.

This method showcases a 11x11 grid menu animation on click. The blocks in the grid appear in a specific, staggered to create this menu effect. The staggered effect plays in the opposite direction on the menu close. There are also micro interactions applied within the menu appeared.

A full page hero slider section featuring full page image and text transitions in Webflow. A hero section built for photographers and videographers featuring a stylish 3-column slider with large, modern page loading, and a full screen hamburger menu.

A demonstration of product cards in Webflow that utilize hover over interactions to effect both image and title. When a user hovers over the cards in Webflow the image div grows and the title appears to follow the mouse while hovering over each card. A fun interaction and a way to showcase products in a unique and creative way.

A grid and flexbox layout with a dark mode toggle interaction. An easy way to integrate dark mode toggle switch on your Webflow site.

Here's a demonstration of a category card animation on hover in Webflow. When a user hovers over a card two different lines are shown on hover. To achieve this effect the lines scale in from the top-left and the bottom right around the image. There are two blocks around the image and the lines for each block start animating at opposite angles to create an interesting line effect around the image. The effect is achieved by placing two, absolute div blocks inside of the card wrapper and then moving the first div block a bit to the upper left and the second block to the bottom right. In the absolute div blocks 4 div blocks were placed on each side of the div block. The transform-origin for each line to make sure that they are scaled in from the correct place. Each line starts at a scale of 0 and then changes to 1.

Here's a large testimonial slider component with auto-transitions for Webflow. This smooth transitioning testimonial slider is perfect for any Webflow site. It transitions smoothly between each testimonial and provides unique interactions. This demonstration also includes the possibility of a video as well.

Here is a 3D info card animation on hover in Webflow. When you hover over the card an image panel rotates in horizontally to reveal the content. The effect was achieved by adding a div block with a child perspective applied to it. Then another div blcok was added inside of the 3D wrapper. With the interactions this div block was rotated from 90 degrees to 0 degrees on the X axis. Since the wrapper has a child perspective it creates a 3D effect for the panel as it comes in. It also has a reveal from top to bottom as the panel comes in.

Using a combination of lottie, svg and Webflow interactions you can add this head that follows the cursor and mouse on your site.

Add an Apple style keynote feature grid to your Webflow site. Video tutorial found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAkGkF-w1gI

Here's a unique, 3D infinite scroll marquee for Webflow. To create this effect two blocks are created within a wrapper with a perspective applied to it to create the 3D effect. There was also a self perspective applied to the block themselves which seems to have altered the position of the angles. Then text was added to the blocks inside of each the left and right block. The overflow was set to hidden for both blocks so that the text would move in and out of the blocks. The animation the text moves from 100% to -100% on the x-axes. The duration of the text movement was set to 5 seconds. The second text has a delay of 2.5 so that the animation because the blocks have the same width. Easing is set to linear so that the effect doesn't effect the time and it looks like it moves through both blocks.