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A fun demonstration of how to use jQuery to create a draggable canvas or game. This utilizes custom code within the page settings and will not work on mobile.

Here's a way to add a image clipping to text in Webflow. This effect allows the text to act like a mask to the image behind it, making the font color take on the image in the background. This method uses Webflow's native designer and doesn't require any type of custom code. Simple choose Clip background to text option for this to work properly.

Not just another vertical CMS marquee, this one is powered by GSAP and provides extra functionality. The vertical marquee provides a constant infinite loop of text. As the word comes into view a second text area updates to showcase the relevant text for the primary looping marquee text. A great example of utilizing GSAP to add increased functionality to an otherwise normal marquee. This also utilizes a bit of CSS so be sure to not overlook that when you are adding this to your site. You can customize the script to your liking and increase or decrease the number of items visible and the speed of the looping.

A fun login and sign up page for Webflow featuring a unique cartoon character that follows your mouse cursor. This is accomplished via 100% native Webflow interactions. The SVG was broken up into several parts, and added a hover over element interaction to the background and hover/in out interactions to the email, password and login fields. The rotating head effect is created by moving close-up elements slightly more than the background elements. For example, the nose moves 11px to the left or right, while the mouth only moves 9px and the face moves 6px while the body doesn't move at all.

A unique demonstration of TypeJS and Webflow. Using your keyboard you can change the color of the background using TypedJS, simply type a letter from A-Z and the background color changes.

A CMS driven 3d parallax effect for photos and portfolios using classes by Finsweet.

Well designed card hover transitions/interactions for Webflow. When a user hovers over a card the card changes colors, moves the content up, removes the icon and adds a link indicator. Perfect for dynamic cards/feature sections within Webflow. This was created with minimal hover interactions.

Here's a way to bulid a pricing calculator based on multiple slider inputs to get an estimate/quote for your clients. This is accomplished using the native Webflow slider element and a bit of CSS to style the controls. Values are updated by the sliders as well as by entering in a number within the top input fields. This is perfect for custom pricing and quotes needed on a pricing page.

Using Webflow's 3D transform, custom animations and a bit of JS you're now able to recreate the Star Wars intro on your Webflow site. Please note that there's custom code required for this to work which you can find within the closing body tag of the Page Settings. There are two scripts, one that powers the music and the other that powers the moving stars.

A fun way of adding a canvas cursor tracking element via HTML canvas to your Webflow site. With a bit of JavaScript you can add a fun cursor tracking effect to your Webflow site. Be sure to add the custom JS code found within the page settings for this to work properly.

A scroll to reveal text masking interaction in Webflow. When a user scrolls down the page the text is zoomed into the masked image and reveals the image upon scrolling. You can edit the text inside each section and change the image to your choosing. You can also add other icons or graphics inside of it. Just be sure to use black/white elements only.

A fun interaction in which a head with eyes follows the movement of a mouse on the page. This fun interaction showcases the abilities of Webflow interactions as the entire effect was created using Webflow's native interactions. As the user moves the mouse over the site the head, and eyes change location, the mouth grows and shrinks and the eyes also have another blinking interaction. The entire head was built using divs, as well as each individual element such as the ears, eyes, mouth and everything else. All three interactions rely on the page load trigger and then utilize the mouse moving in viewport functionality. Quite honestly this is one of my favorite native Webflow interaction animations that's interactive and playful.

Here's another well designed Webflow navigation menu bar with dropdown interactions. This nav menu is perfect cloneable to jump start your Webflow site builds by providing a fully functional, mobile friendly mega menu navigation to your Webflow site.

A dynamic pricing table with features that dynamically change the pricing for Webflow. The value of each item can be toggled based on the feature set required and the price updates dynamically based on the required features. Please note that the dynamic pricing, and other features like checkboxes are all accomplished via custom symbols and JS embeds.

Here's a way of adding an animated progress bar to your Webflow site. All you need to do is update the width % to your preferred number. The animated progress bars add a fun Webflow interaction animation to the metrics section of your Webflow site.

A simple, yet complex image slider with a transition effect. This utilizes Splide.js, Anime.js custom JS for the link delay.

A before/after comparison component built with native Webflow interactions. Perfect for an image optimization service or demoing the difference between two different products/services. Fixed width before/after images, position absolute, and an interaction to resize the containers on hover.

The starter style guide project for the Relume Library. This project contains a style guide with the necessary pre-built classes. There are no pages, no layouts, and nothing to delete. This simply allows you to get up and running with Relume, easily. The Relume Library uses Finsweet's client-first Webflow style system. You can find the prebuilt page under Drafts/Style Guide. The styleguide comes with Headings (H1-H6), heading classes (heading-xxlarge), Paragraphs, Links, Block Quotes, Lists, text sizes, text weights, letter spacing, line heights, text styles (using custom Global CSS), text alignment, rich text, colors, background colors, premade shadows, UI elements, buttons (with icons, alternates, icon locations), form elements, icons, image wrappers.

A fun way of showing off a product by allowing for feature zoom in on click. Great for ecommerce sites that need to provide context into features with an interactive zoom in capability.

A simple way to create complex CMS grid layouts. You can define a layout for any item in the grid. You can make it multiple spans of columns and rows. You can also set columns and rows to the nth items as well as even or odd items.

Quality FAQ accordions designed and ready to be cloned for Webflow. Three variations of FAQ Accordions with predesigned Webflow interactions with modern design aesthetics. The first variation features large expandable cards with drop shadows and card highlighting all built with Webflow interactions. When selecting the card the arrow icon changes direction and becomes blue, the card also features an outline to let you know that it's been expanded. The second variation features tabs for extra FAQs and to help split your FAQ up by topics. This is a great way to feature a ton of FAQ questions on your page without taking up valuable real estate. The third variation is a grid form that also allows you to feature more questions in a smaller space, although the limited space means that large FAQs may not be ideal for this FAQ accordion.

Complex techniques to achieve amazing background effects using unique blending and backdrop filter effects and blending effects. In this demo you'll see a hide/show background effect on scroll, moving divs/assets wherever on a page and the various blending techniques, mouse hover over to effect background effects and more. Combine separate channels into full colour photo; magically hide and show objects simultaneously using nothing but solid coloured divs; play with stacking various blend modes on top of each other; see the mind-bending inception of inversion of already inverted objects; use interactive colour changer for your elements, that does not even touch the elements themselves; create fun colour-restoring games; reveal the magical world invisible to naked eye with your blend-empowered cursor.

A way of creating a stacking testimonial card section in Webflow on scroll. As the user scrolls down the page testimonial cards are stacked on top of one another. This technique was built primarily with Webflow interactions although does use a HTML CSS embed for the numbers on the card. You can remove this if you don't plan on using the outlined numbers found in this demonstration.

Three individual animated buttons with hover interactions, which changes color, scale and rotates. On hover the svg mask changes its color via a button color background.

A very unique, fold in curtain style menu animation navbar for Webflow. The menu is revealed from both the top right and top left of the page. You could add different images or colors for the panels coming in. You could also add a variation of different textures or styles to those divs, or keep it simple and use this example. The animated menu was built using Webflow interactions. The rotating text inside of the menu was created with Illustrator, After Effects and Lottie.

A free Webflow login in/sign up page design with unique loading interactions, custom inputs and much more. A perfect cloneable to easily create a login or sign up form for your Webflow site with fun style 3D illustrations and loading animations.

A pricing table with tabs to display pricing in a unique and interactive way. This allows for nearly full screen descriptions of each tabbed pricing item.

Here are a collection of 16 different footer designs, all responsive and fully customizable and ready to be added to your Webflow sites. A great way to add a footer to your site quickly.

A shooting stars effect for the background of your Webflow site. The stars come in from the top right to the bottom left on your Webflow site.

A started style guide featuring many of the core elements needed when creating a Webflow site. This style guide features typography setting such as headings, text classes, labels or eyebrows, field labels and rich text. Color options such as text colors, text hovers, fill colors, border colors, form colors for both dark and light versions. Elements such as buttons, icon buttons, submit buttons, text links, inline links, pills, interface icons, text fields, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, select fields and dropdowns, containers and spacers as well as additional information about this style guide.

An amazing, sweeping slider interaction perfect for any Webflow site. The interactions have a custom scroll indicator, automatically transitions slides and provides a unique sweeping transition between slides. Perfect for a hero or landing page in Webflow.

A fully dynamic hero slider that's responsive and includes a vertical slider that switches out the primary heros image. This was built entirely with Webflow, some CSS and Webflow's native interactions. At the top you'll notice a horizontal marquee, this is powered by custom CSS which you'll find via an HTML embed. You'll also notice an extensive use of Webflow native sliders and a variety of individual interactions for each slide change associated with each and every slider. A very extensive use of Webflow sliders and interactions. This hero slider does not use custom code within the page settings so you'll want to dive into the HTML embed and then the Webflow interactions which make this entire thing possible.

Social media sharing buttons with hover interactions for Webflow. These social sharing buttons feature a unique aspect in which the entire background color changes on hover over to the relevant social media sites color scheme. A simple, yet fun social sharing idea. This was built entirely from Webflow interactions and doesn't require any additional code.

Here's a demonstration of a category card animation on hover in Webflow. When a user hovers over a card two different lines are shown on hover. To achieve this effect the lines scale in from the top-left and the bottom right around the image. There are two blocks around the image and the lines for each block start animating at opposite angles to create an interesting line effect around the image. The effect is achieved by placing two, absolute div blocks inside of the card wrapper and then moving the first div block a bit to the upper left and the second block to the bottom right. In the absolute div blocks 4 div blocks were placed on each side of the div block. The transform-origin for each line to make sure that they are scaled in from the correct place. Each line starts at a scale of 0 and then changes to 1.

Want a full page slider effect in Webflow? With this technique you will be able to create a full page slider. This is an illusion using the page loading interactions, making the page look like it slides to the next page.

A fun way of adding detailed information for your CMS items via a jQuery powered sidebar. The project uses a single CMS collection list to populate both the grid and the information when clicking on the card.

A fun way of creating a 3D animated menu in Webflow. Creating a 3D perspective effect when expanding the hamburger menu. This is a simple, yet effective way, to break out of the typical menu design.

10+ premade contact form designs for Webflow. These premade components will allow you to easily add customized contact forms to your Webflow site. There are many different variations of labels and input form designs, and buttons that'll fit just about any type of design or requirements.

A GDPR compliant cookie consent modal window for Webflow. This cookie consent compliant GDPR Webflow cloneable uses the fs-cc attributes to your scripts and can easily be implemented on any Webflow site. Simply clone the project, add the custom cookie consent script found in the custom code settings in the projects settings and modify them according to your requirements. The cloneable includes a premade cookie consent modal window with the ability to customize cookie settings and clearing all cookies.

Do you need to disable page scroll on click in Webflow? Here's a method to disable page scrolling on an event click. This is perfect for modals, popups or really any method where you need to limit the page scroll on a Webflow site. This cloneable provides in depth explanations and tutorials of how to achieve this within Webflow.

A fun way of adding a 3D interactive Figma logo button to your site.

Here's a fade and rotate page transition for your Webflow site. This transition occurs using a small snippet of custom code that allows the transition to happen.

Here's a way to add images within text spans in Webflow. This method utilizes Webflow's designer and some custom Javascript to allow you to add images within a text span. The Javascript snippet is used to move each span-element to be a child element of it's corresponding span wrapper element. This allows you to dynamically alter the HTML structure to accomplish this technique.

Add a rotating 3D style tunnel to your Webflow sites background via this HTML embed CSS technique.

A beautifully designed hero section for Fintech built in Webflow. This features a full mega menu navigation, button designs, search inputs, a variety of buttons and much more. Perfect for getting your hero section launched quickly in Webflow.

Here is a free and easy way of using Google translate to make your site multilingual with jQuery.

A great category card hover animation/interaction for Webflow. Adding this effect to your Webflow site creates a custom card animation/interaction effect. When you hover over the card the circle scales up to fill the entire card with a color and then the border color becomes white. The text also becomes white to be more readable on the background color. This effect is achieved by placing an inner circle, circle border, and an icon within a circle wrapper. With interactions the circle scales up, and the border and background circle change color on hover. Each card has a unique and separate mouse out interaction so that it can revert back to the individual cards color.

Here's an inverted text masking marquee interaction for your Webflow site. The text changes color depending on the background. This is a simple HTML embed so you can easily move it around your Webflow site. You can change both the color of the text and the background. This is currently set to Body so you can change the class ID.

Here's a horizontal scrolling technique with a progress bar and pop up navigation for Webflow. A perfect example of how to add horizontal scrolling to your Webflow site with a progress bar indicating how far you've scrolled.

Here's a way to add an infinite, transparent slider to your Webflow site. An easy cloneable that you can copy and paste to your site and have it setup and running in no time.

Here's a great project that shows all of Google's material color palette in an easy copy and paste method. Perfect for building color palettes for your site or finding inspiration for colors to utilize in your Webflow site.

A unique water ripple interaction/effect based on the mouse movement for Webflow. The ripple effect is created via JS found in the page settings powered by Jquery Ripples. A fun effect that can be easily added to your Webflow site or project.

Want to add some gradients to your Webflow site? Here are 40 free gradients ready to be added to your Webflow sites.

Featuring 10 different text and typography scroll effects powered by GSAP, ScrollTrigger, Lenis.js, splitting.imin.js and Scrolltype.js. Keep in mind that these effects are great but you will need to have some understanding of code in order to modify these significantly as they rely on simply the JS libraries and data attributes to apply each effect. The first effect rotates the text and highlights each letter as the paragraph comes into view. This is achieved via the data attributes as mentioned previously. The second text effect showcases each letter coming into view from a different rotation and then all combines together to make the visible text. The third effect has each word come in at different positions from out of view and then into view on page scroll. The third version unwraps each word letter by letter as you scroll down the page. The fourth effect takes each letter and has it fold up at random intervals as you scroll into view. The fifth demonstration shows each letter rotating into place upon scrolling into view. The next demonstration creates a rolling hills effect for the letters as you scroll into view. The next one showcases a paragraph in which each letter is grown from the initial position as you scroll down the page. An appear example follows this one in which each letter of a word appears to be blurry and come into focus as you scroll down the page. The next and final variation has each word come in from random directions to create the paragraph.

Add a unique and customized menu and navbar to your Webflow site. This example provides a unique feature of an image preview on link hover in the full page menu/navbar of your Webflow site.

Here's a basic example of utilizing Swiper.js for a slider within your Webflow site. Swiper.js is great for adding a draggable slider with a variety of effects within Webflow.

A unique how it works horizontal scroll feature section perfect for your Webflow site. As a user scrolls down the page each section snaps into place horizontally. This effect was built entirely using Webflow's native interactions and does not utilize any other JS libraries or custom code. This effect was created by creating a scroll wrap with three different triggers for each section. As the user scrolls through each section the opacity, background color and size of each element changes. A unique approach to creating horizontal sliders within Webflow without the use of additional JS libraries or code.

A free create account/subscription sign up page design for Webflow. This simple login and sign up page design includes gradient input outlines, show/hide password functionality in a dark theme with a beautiful background.

Before and after slider animation with pure animation Webflow interactions. You only need to replace the background image for .before-image and .after-image

Easily build your nonprofit or charity site with this cloneable hero section in Webflow. This features fullscreen tabs layout with the ability to display large text content, a full screen menu with unique hover interactions, video lightbox and search functionality.

Easily add a grainy effect to your entire site. This uses a grain png that was on a Webflow site. You can create your own grains as well to change it up.

I wanted to see if I could rebuild this beautiful website. All interactions are created in Webflow :) Custom code used to create infinite scroll. Current limitations (stretch goals to fulfil at a later date): 1) Sound effects 2) Text changing effect Rebuild of https://one-is.com

Background swirl animation via canvas backgrounds in Webflow. This method is created via a custom JS file found in the closing body tag of the page settings. This utilizes the unique javascript text "hack" allowing you to host JS files as text files in Webflow and calling that text file as a script.

Want to compare two products or images on your Webflow site? With this cloneable you'll be able to add an image comparison section to your Webflow site. This is perfect for product comparisons, service comparisons and much more. Please note that this utilizes Beerslide.js so you'll need to add the custom code found in page settings for this to work properly.

Here's a way to showcase several different slides transitioning per click. This is achieved via micro interactions for the previous and next buttons. The interaction for the arrows was created in After Effects and custom code was utilized to trigger multiple slide changes at once.

Here's a way to add an animated number counter on load in Webflow. Now you can add a number counter that counts up on your Webflow sites. To accomplish this you'll need to add a class to the number you want to animate. Copy and paste the code in the Settings -> Before body tag. Change the name of the class that you created for the number. Finally, modify the parameters for it to work. The parameters that can be modified are start, end, duration, delay, true, repeat, decimals, currency and the separator. Please keep in mind that this will only show on the published site and not within Webflow editor.

A funny "game" inspired by Tinder's swiping functionality in Webflow. The site is best viewed at 1440 x 900 in desktop. This mini game is not built using Webflow's CMS and uses sections to create each swiping style page. This was built using Webflow's interaction and doesn't require any extra code.

Here's a way of rotating/transitioning text on a section of your Webflow site. Perfect for hero and headline sections in which multiple headlines or text is needed to explain or demonstrate something.

Six different call to action designs for your Webflow site. An easy way to add important call to actions to your Webflow site via a cloneable.

This method showcases a 11x11 grid menu animation on click. The blocks in the grid appear in a specific, staggered to create this menu effect. The staggered effect plays in the opposite direction on the menu close. There are also micro interactions applied within the menu appeared.

A dynamic Webflow countdown animation powered by Webflow's native CMS system.

Just about every kind of payment method badge, icon or image you'd need for your Webflow site. This includes payment methods like PayPal, American Express, Visa, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Stripe, Mastercard. They include images with backgrounds, no backgrounds and much more.

Here's a way to create an age gated pop up modal in Webflow. Using the power of cookies you can now gate your content/site with a age date requirement. The code in the settings takes the submission of the month, day and year of the persons birthday and calculates their age against todays date. If they validate that they are over 18, then a cookie will be added to their browser and the pop up modal will be hidden from them until they clear their cookies. If they are not over 18 then they are redirected from your site.

Another unique button animation for Webflow. When a user hovers over the button the text color changes and the arrow icon animates via native Webflow interactions.

An animated timeline scrolling effect perfect for about pages, historical pages and many others. As the user scrolls down the page a fun native interaction is applied that allows users to visit historical timelines with a unique Webflow interaction. The current date and item that is in view increases brightness while others out of view are faded out. The user can scroll down the page and have historical information provided in a unique and interactive fashion. This interaction uses while scrolling in view and while page is scrolling page trigger interactions.

A fun mouse drawing canvas perfect to add to your Webflow background or page elements. This utilizes sketch.js for the drawing canvas which allows you to use your cursor or by touching your mobile device to draw right on the screen. You will need the custom code found in the custom code page settings in order for this to work with your Webflow site. You then have the ability to customize the colors of the mouse trail on the canvas, and can update the design and color attributes. This is a fun and interactive element that can add a unique sense of interaction to your Webflow site.

A beautifully designed opt-in/sign up modal interaction with Webflow that provides a unique way to sign people up or opt them in via an interaction. The modal has a custom bounce interaction on load and you can use the X or click anywhere on the page to close the box.

Here is an interaction for hovering over a card using Webflow interactions. Simply clone this and add it to your site to add a dynamic hover interaction to your Webflow site.

Learn how to add a particle bounce animation to your Webflow site. This effect uses a simple copy and paste code within the custom code section. You can even customize the code to add variety to this animation.

Here's a way of adding a custom countdown timer/clock to your Webflow site courtesy of Smooth.js. A perfect way to add a custom, coming soon style landing page within Webflow or adding a customized countdown element for whatever need you may have within Webflow.

A fun and unique green pricing table design for Webflow. This pricing table design features a large headline and a four section pricing table with a unique hover over interaction. When a user hovers over a card the card is attracted to the mouse and moves around a bit. The pricing cards feature product information as well as a primary discounted card label for a package. A great design to get your Webflow sites pricing section built out quickly.

Here's a way to add a custom mouse cursor tooltip in Webflow. This custom tooltip fades in when hovering over an element and follows the mouse pointer over that element. This could be used for project title information, additional/next slider information and much more. A majority of this is created with Webflow interactions. Please note that there is some custom style CSS in the head section of the page.

A template for building your own brand design system and/or styleguide created by 5Four Digital. A design system/style guide is a single source of truth which groups all of the design elements for development.

Here's a way to add a dynamic counter metric section to your Webflow site. This is accomplished via the simple JS available within the custom code section of the page settings.

A sticky, stackable cards section that stacks upon scrolling on the Webflow site.

Here's a way to create a typewriter effect in Webflow via CSS. Popular on many different websites the typewriter effect allows a dynamic, eye catching headline or text on your Webflow site.

Get more insight into why your clients are cancelling with this cancellation insight form for Webflow. This cancellation modal form data is submitted directly to Webflow, meaning it's easy to export and analyze the results at any point.

A fully built FAQ accordion section powered by Webflow native CMS collection with native interactions and animations. A great way to add a frequently asked question section to your Webflow site or clients site that is powered by the Webflow CMS system.

Another great 3D card hover effect created in Webflow. You can change the angle from the transformations and you are also able to change the layout if you wanted.

Looking to add animated play buttons to your Webflow site videos or other media? Here are a few different variations of animated play buttons. One variation repeats the play animated button, and the other animates on the hover over state. All of these are accomplished via Webflow interactions.

A fun interaction that shows an image trail on text link hover in Webflow. When the mouse hovers over a text link in Webflow an image trail is shown. This effect uses vanilla Javascript to paint the images when hovering over an object.

A fun, sticky div interaction for Webflow. When a user scrolls down the page each div scrolls and locks into place until you reach the last div, and eventually the bottom of the section.

Three well designed tab content interactions perfect for your Webflow site. The first variation has a unique sliding feature when a new tab is selected, the content then appears to fade in coming in from the bottom. The second variation has an underline for the active tab, the active tab underline then moves to the next selected tab while the content appears to fade in from the bottom. The final version appears to fade in from the left to the right with a different appearance to the content. These tabs all utilize Webflow's native tabs with Webflow interactions. Keep in mind that all of the tabs are individual interactions so the more tabs that you add the more interactions you'll need for each individual tab. Overall these are well designed and thought out tabs that would be perfect for any Webflow site.

Here's a dynamic double vertical bar chart that's hooked up to Webflow CMS. It's nearly responsive and hooks natively to Webflow's CMS via an HTML embed.

Showcasing Webflow's new blending and backdrop features. This demonstration cloneable shows off how text hover effects behind Backdrop blur and blend effects in Webflow. In this example text behind backdrop blur shapes showcase the effects colored linear gradients and shapes with no color gradients and the effects of text behind with hover effects. This technique uses a bit of CSS to create the text outline and hover effects.

A way to add a dropdown with all the countries and flags to your Webflow site. There are several examples that utilize Nice Select, including flags, no flags and a dropdown only. You can copy-paste the custom code element with a select tag with all the countries in it. Note that this is achieved via JS and you won't be able to preview this within the WEbflow designer.

An implementation of Locomotive.js smooth scroll in Webflow that includes position fixed, sticky and CSS interactions. Utilizing Locomotive.js smooth scroll allows for some unique interactions and scroll effects. You can find the script within the custom code page settings. Here you can modify the smoothing, mobile smoothing, tablet settings and the multiplier applied. You can set the time frame and for the ability to use anchor texts between sections of your site. Add a unique smooth scrolling effect to your Webflow site today by taking advantage of Locomotive.js

Add flair to your Webflow buttons with this linear gradient animation. This demonstration include two different variations of the linear button gradient animation, one created solely via Webflow interactions and the other via CSS. There are also two different styled animations, one that's one time and another that infinite loops while on hover.

A fully designed, minimal black and white footer with navigation effects.

Four different individual text animations created with Anime.js for Webflow. These animations each create an individual letter loading animation on load. Please note that this only works on the published site. To get this to work give a class to the text that you'd like to animate. For example, animation1. Add a span to the text and give it a class of letter. Copy the code on the settings, before body and make sure that you change the class to the one that you used in the first step.