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Adding and playing audio on Webflow can be difficult. Here's a way to have as many different audio files as you want which will play/pause every time you click a button. Please note that this only works on the published site and not the builder. Add an embed block on your project with as many audio tags as you want. You have to use the unique id for each one. For example, <audio id="player1" loop src"your-song.mp3"></audio> The second one needs to be labeled with id player2. Add a button for each audio tag with the unique element ID of the previous items. Copy the code within the before body tag with the ids of the buttons that you added.

Want to add a static TV background effect to your Webflow site? This effect was created in Webflow using only an image and an animation to achieve the effect. There's no custom code or any other trickery going on other than Webflow's native interactions and designer.

Text reveals is one of the most popular animations on the web today. This demonstrates how to achieve text reveals from different locations in Webflow. It's built using a custom script so be sure to check out the custom code section in Page Settings to ensure you have the proper scripts for the text reveal examples you want to achieve.

Want to create custom text highlighting and underlining in Webflow? Webflow makes it easy to add customized highlighting and underlining via span classes. This cloneable demonstrates how to create any type of highlighting or underlining variations that you could dream of using Webflow's native text span.

Here's a way to add an animated number counter on load in Webflow. Now you can add a number counter that counts up on your Webflow sites. To accomplish this you'll need to add a class to the number you want to animate. Copy and paste the code in the Settings -> Before body tag. Change the name of the class that you created for the number. Finally, modify the parameters for it to work. The parameters that can be modified are start, end, duration, delay, true, repeat, decimals, currency and the separator. Please keep in mind that this will only show on the published site and not within Webflow editor.

A simple and easy to implement page loader using all of the letters of the alphabet in Webflow. Everything is accomplished with Webflow interactions and zero custom code.

Eight different examples of Typed.js typewriter effects perfect for your Webflow projects. The eight variations include a standard simple one, which types the word once and then provides the typing cursor. A looping version in which it retypes the same text over and over again. A multiple text version in which you signify different texts that you'd like for it to type and it cycles through each one. A version without the blinking cursor. One with a custom cursor that's an underscore. Smart backspacing in which deletes only portion of the sentence and then retypes it. A version that fades out after typing the sentence. Typing within an input field, perfect for searches or suggested searches. You'll find the Typed.js code within the sites custom code settings and can be modified to your specifications.

Here's an easy way of adding tooltips to your Webflow site using tippy.js. Simple tooltips have never been easier with Webflow by using tippy.js. To style them just change the custom attributes in the element settings. In order for this to work you'll need to view it on the published site and copy the custom code. This demonstration shows six different tool tip variations, including default hover, bottom tooltip, animated tooltip, tooltip without arrow and a tooltip that follows your cursor and finally a tooltip on click.

Here's a way to add a image clipping to text in Webflow. This effect allows the text to act like a mask to the image behind it, making the font color take on the image in the background. This method uses Webflow's native designer and doesn't require any type of custom code. Simple choose Clip background to text option for this to work properly.

A unique swatchbook hover interaction created in Webflow. When a user hovers over a swatch card, it sweeps out to display the card information. The entire animation and hover effect is built via Webflow's native interactions and doesn't require any custom code.

Here's a way to add a control panel animation to Webflow similar to the Apple control center. There are two animations that still need polishing however this is a great way to add a unique navigation menu to your Webflow site.

A fun way of adding a text color changing effect to a headline or other piece of text in Webflow. This technique uses Webflow's native interactions to achieve a color changing text effect in Webflow. This demonstration as two different methods, one which each text changes colors at a time and the second in which all texts change color and then revert back and loop again.

Four different individual text animations created with Anime.js for Webflow. These animations each create an individual letter loading animation on load. Please note that this only works on the published site. To get this to work give a class to the text that you'd like to animate. For example, animation1. Add a span to the text and give it a class of letter. Copy the code on the settings, before body and make sure that you change the class to the one that you used in the first step.

Learn how to add a particle bounce animation to your Webflow site. This effect uses a simple copy and paste code within the custom code section. You can even customize the code to add variety to this animation.

Here's a way of adding an animated progress bar to your Webflow site. All you need to do is update the width % to your preferred number. The animated progress bars add a fun Webflow interaction animation to the metrics section of your Webflow site.

Here's a way to create a page load animation in Webflow in which circles appear at different intervals to create an animation effect. This entire animation was built using Webflow's native interactions and doesn't require any custom code to create it.

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