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Draggable Text Area Input Resizing



Make your default form inputs draggable and resizable on your Webflow sites with this CSS snippet. This CSS snippet allows for you to make your default form field inputs resizable by your users/visitors on your Webflow sites.


  1. Add the CSS code snippet to the head section of your custom code or your sites global embed

Javascript snippet

CSS snippet

<!-- Add to head tag -->
/* User can resize the textarea vertical only */
textarea {  
  resize: vertical;
/* Disable textarea resizing completely */
textarea {  
  resize: none;


HTML snippet

Remove https:// from link text

This code snippet allows you to automatically remove https:// from all link URLs on absolute URL links (links without anchor text) on your Webflow site. This is a great way to cleanup links or pages of links on your Webflow site.

Hyperlink hover effect


Add a unique hyperlink highlight hover effect to your Webflow site with this custom CSS solution. This simple CSS script allows you to add a unique highlight hover effect without using any custom Webflow interactions.

Prevent Input Zoom Scaling on Mobile

Prevent an input form zoom scaling on mobile on your Webflow site. This allows for a better user experience based on your sites design rather than mobile OS zoom default properties.

Custom Slider Dot Color

Easily change the native Webflow slider element navigation/dot colors with this CSS snippet. This method allows you to easily select the colors of Webflow's native slider dots via a CSS code snippet.

Split Text into Lines

Easily split text into lines based on lines, words, characters on your Webflow site. A great way to add interactions based on your own specifications to text on your Webflow site.

Single Line Truncate Text

Automatically truncate text that goes beyond a line on your Webflow site with this simple CSS script. This helps create uniformed design on your site by truncating text with ellipsis if they go beyond a single line.

Add/Remove Form Input Buttons

Add or remove form input fields with buttons on your Webflow site. This allows your users to add or remove form fields based on buttons on your Webflow site. A great way of adding dynamic form elements to your Webflow site.

Reload Page after Form Submit

Automatically refresh your Webflow site's page after a form submit with this Javascript snippet. A great way of indicating that a form has been submitted to a user or refreshing the page for another submission.

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