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14 Click Webflow Javascript, HTML & CSS Code Snippets to supercharge your sites.

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Randomize button text on click

This allows you to randomize the text on a button click in Webflow. A fun way of displaying a variety of different texts when a user clicks on a button on your Webflow page.

Scroll overflow move on click

Utilize buttons to move between cards within an overflow: scroll wrapper to a specified card via each button in Webflow. This uses a simple JS code to allow seamless transitions between various cards of your choosing using an overflowed wrapper.

Mirror Click Script

Trigger a click on another element when one element is clicked in Webflow. This is perfect for allowing one element to control a click of another element.

Play Interaction after X Clicks

Play a Webflow interaction after clicking on an element X number of times on your Webflow site. A unique way to create unique interactions that are based on the number of times an element is clicked.

Add Random Sticker to Page on Click

A fun unique way of adding a random sticker to your Webflow site on click.

CMS Add to Calendar Button

Add a Calendar button for via your Webflow CMS via this custom Javascript and CSS. This enables your users to easily add events to their calendars based on dates/information in your Webflow CMS.

Scroll to Top of Page on Tab Click

Automatically scroll a user to the top of page on a tab change on your Webflow site. A simple Javascript code snippet that allows for you to scroll users to the top of your site based on your selected class.

Back to Previous Page Button

Add a back to previous page button to your Webflow site with this simple Javascript code snippet. When a user clicks on the button they'll be returned to the previous page they were visiting.

Click Item Based on Element ID

Click on an object based on an element ID in Webflow. This is great to simulate a click, for example click on next slide button, link or object via a simple Javascript code.

Draggable Elements

Make your site dynamic by adding draggable elements on your Webflow site with this simple Javascript code snippet.

Open Lightbox on Pageload

Automatically open Webflow's native lightbox on page load via this Javascript code snippet. Adding a parameter to your website URL allows for the lightbox to automatically be shown on page load.

Prevent Body Scroll on Click

A technique to stop by scrolling on click in Webflow via a small Javascript snippet. This is perfect for modal popups, navigation dropdowns and other overlays that should prevent the body from scrolling on opening.

Disable/Enable Clicking on Element

Control which elements can or cannot be clicked on your Webflow site with this simple CSS code snippet.

Track Clicks or Limit Member Actions


Track clicks or limit member actions using Javascript on your Webflow Memberstack site. Here is a method to count the number of clicks on an element and then save that number to a members profile.