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14 Forms Webflow Javascript, HTML & CSS Code Snippets to supercharge your sites.

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Add/Remove Form Input Buttons

Add or remove form input fields with buttons on your Webflow site. This allows your users to add or remove form fields based on buttons on your Webflow site. A great way of adding dynamic form elements to your Webflow site.

International Flags Phone Number Input

Add international flags to a phone number for input in Webflow. Adding this allows for a unique way of adding international flags to a phone form field in your Webflow site.

Reload Page after Form Submit

Automatically refresh your Webflow site's page after a form submit with this Javascript snippet. A great way of indicating that a form has been submitted to a user or refreshing the page for another submission.

Set referring URL as hidden input

A method to pass the referring domain/URL as a hidden field in a form in Webflow. This is perfect to know who referred the person submitted the form, or a way to display the referring domain on the page on your Webflow site.

CMS Add to Calendar Button

Add a Calendar button for via your Webflow CMS via this custom Javascript and CSS. This enables your users to easily add events to their calendars based on dates/information in your Webflow CMS.

Hide/Show Element from <select>

Dynamically hide/show elements based on the <select> option in Webflow. A great way of showing various elements based on the dropdown selection. This could be used for changes views, changing images and much more.

Autogrow Form Input Field by Text

Allow your input form fields to grow based on the content inside of it on your Webflow site with this unique Javascript code.

File upload preview

Add a file upload preview option to Webflow's native File upload input field. This adds a preview window to the file upload form in Webflow's native solution.

Automatically Apply Coupon Code


Automatically apply a coupon code during checkout on your Webflow Memberstack website.

Rich text editor

Easily add a rich text editor form field in Weblow with this Javascript code. Webflow doesn't provide a native rich text editor, however with a bit of Javascript you can add a rich text editor form to your Webflow site.

Custom Select Styling Multi-Select Input

Design your own dropdowns and multi-select inputs in Webflow using Select2. With this Javascript code you'll be able to customize the look and design of the multi-select from the native browser select.

Draggable Text Area Input Resizing


Make your default form inputs draggable and resizable on your Webflow sites with this CSS snippet. This CSS snippet allows for you to make your default form field inputs resizable by your users/visitors on your Webflow sites.

Set hidden input form value from URL parameters

Set hidden form input values from URL parameters on your Webflow site. This Javascript code allows you to utilize Webflow's native form input and add hidden values based on URL parameters. This is great for paid advertising campaigns, internal link tracking and a variety of other options.

Interactive Form Elements

Add dynamic interactive Webflow form elements with this Anime.js code snippet.