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The Top 43 3D Transform Webflow cloneables

Webflow 3D transformation cloneables to unlock the third dimension on your Webflow sites.

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A demonstration of using Spline to create an interactive and embeddable 3D background. This interaction will not appear on the project preview and you'll need to visit the actual page to learn more about this technique.

Showcase and feature your CTA by adding moving lines to the border in Webflow. Using this technique you can showcase anything that you want to draw the users eyes to by adding moving lines and a 3D hover rotation to products, cards and other important aspects on your site.

A 3D rotating cube that can be customized with images or videos, which can add a nice dynamic level for your features section. The effects are achieved via Webflows native interactions and transforms.

A unique 3D glassmorphism interaction and animation that utilizes a combination of video, Webflow interactions and Custom CSS. When a user hovers over a card the card rotates and 3D transforms based on Webflow interactions. The technique for the glassmorphism is powered by custom CSS using backdrop-filter blur and image masking. In order for this to work properly you will need to add the custom CSS code with this cloneable. Pay attention to the Webflow interaction that is powering the cards 3D transform techniques. An excellent example of using Webflow interactions, CSS and a little bit of creativity to create glassmorphism 3D cards in Webflow.

Here's a way of creating a glowing, 3D hover card effect in Webflow. When a user hovers over the card the card creates a 3D effect with a gradient outline, another interaction is added to show a 3D rotating reflection. All of this was created with Webflow interactions and zero custom code.

A fun way of adding a little retro 3D grid animation with overlay scan-lines to your background/site.

An amazing 3D scroll animation that rotates a tablet towards the viewer on scrolling down. This can be used for both static images or animated videos and creates a wonderful depth perspective on page scroll by users.

A 3D flipping cards interaction perfect for adding additional information to Webflow cards utilizing Webflow interactions. When a user clicks on the + sign of a card the card flips over to showcase additional information about the product. This cloneable features no additional custom code and was created using Webflow interactions. Using mouse click the card flips 180 degrees via the Y axis. This is accomplished using Z index and 3D transforms using the backface functionality. A simple, yet sophisticated flipping card interaction that's perfect for any Webflow site.

A way of creating a stacking testimonial card section in Webflow on scroll. As the user scrolls down the page testimonial cards are stacked on top of one another. This technique was built primarily with Webflow interactions although does use a HTML CSS embed for the numbers on the card. You can remove this if you don't plan on using the outlined numbers found in this demonstration.

A fun way of adding a stair melting text transformation animation on hover in Webflow. Perfect for adding a dynamic layer of text to your Webflow site's header or headline section.

A 3D credit card effect/animation in Webflow. This 3D credit card has hover over effects as well as click interactions, on click the card flips vertically, horizontally. All of this is accomplished via native Webflow interactions and no custom code.

Using Webflow's 3D transform, custom animations and a bit of JS you're now able to recreate the Star Wars intro on your Webflow site. Please note that there's custom code required for this to work which you can find within the closing body tag of the Page Settings. There are two scripts, one that powers the music and the other that powers the moving stars.

Another great 3D card hover effect created in Webflow. You can change the angle from the transformations and you are also able to change the layout if you wanted.

A unique 3D looping card animation built with zero code on Webflow. This is perfect for a unique way to display features, services, images and more on a site. This infinite looping card animation continues endlessly and provides a fun and unique interaction animation that adds a dynamic flair to your Webflow site.

A set of unique 3D cards in Webflow with hover over animations and unique interactions. These dark themed cards include mouse cursor interactions in which the cards create a 3D effect on hover. At the same time the cards have a hover animation in which a circle grows and changes the card from dark, to white with all icons/text and everything changing on the hover state.

Here is a unique project flipping card animation for Webflow. In this example the cards flip 180° upon clicking on the card, the card also has a hover over animation in which the stars scale in and out behind the image. On the mouse move the image moves around the card. For the stars a 6x8 grid of 50x50 blocks were created and added within two div blocks inside the cross. In the interactions they are set to rotate, scale and loop on hover. On hover out the crosses go back to the original size and stop rotating. For the image moving there is a mouse move over element interaction and moved the image 20px to each side as the mouse moves around the card. On click the card flips via a rotation to the card, so it was placed in a 3D wrapper and added child perspective to it.

Here's a wonderful 3D card hover effect in Webflow. When a user hovers over a card a 3D effect is shown and folds down and additional information is displayed. This is achieved via interactions and rotates the image 90 degrees back and a content wrapper rotates 90 degrees on hover. The effect was achieved by placing an image wrapper and a content wrapper inside of the 3D wrapper. The 3D wrapper has a child perspective applied to it via the transform option. This allows the div block inside of the wrapper to have a 3D effect as they rotate in and out. The transform-origin for the image wrapper was set to the bottom and the transform-origin for hte content wrapper was set to top. In the interactions rotation and opacity animations to both the image wrapper and content wrapper. Both div blocks are rotated on the x-axis.

A very cool scrolling spiral menu text effect. Opens up a fun opportunity for a unique full screen menu build.

Here's a way to transform text with Webflow without using any SVGs or custom code. This text effect is accomplished with text & divs and mixing those with some move and rotate transforms with the overflow property. A unique approach to creating vibrant text effects within Webflow.

Here are well designed service cards that have a rotation hover interaction that highlights and rotates the card for Webflow. This perfect for adding 3D dimension to a Webflow site via service cards, project cards or even pricing tables.

A way to achieve a 360 degree spinable book. This was built with CSS grid, responsive typography, 3D transforms and custom CSS properties.

Here's a way of creating a 3D animated and interactive box model that flips and rotates based on mouse movement in Webflow. Playing around with CSS grid functionality this demonstration creates a net of a box using CSS grid, then just folds the sides together using the transform options and native Webflow interactions to create a 3D box.

A fully responsive 3D flippable/foldable card effect on hover. You can also achieve this via the scroll method as there are two options in this demonstration. These affects were created using Webflow's native interaction and require no additional code. The interaction uses hover event and rotate and move actions.

A spiral 3D spinning interaction that requires no WebGL, third party libraries or any custom code. This was built entirely in Webflow with Webflow's native interactions. As a user scrolls down the page the images spin around and rotate around the page. A fun and unique interaction that showcases the power of Webflow. This is perfect for portfolios, or other items on your site. This was built utilizing While scrolling in view and taking advantage of only two options, move and rotate. Essentially the items layout allows for the positioning of the item. By utilizing class names each class will have the same result and effect.

Here's a unique, 3D infinite scroll marquee for Webflow. To create this effect two blocks are created within a wrapper with a perspective applied to it to create the 3D effect. There was also a self perspective applied to the block themselves which seems to have altered the position of the angles. Then text was added to the blocks inside of each the left and right block. The overflow was set to hidden for both blocks so that the text would move in and out of the blocks. The animation the text moves from 100% to -100% on the x-axes. The duration of the text movement was set to 5 seconds. The second text has a delay of 2.5 so that the animation because the blocks have the same width. Easing is set to linear so that the effect doesn't effect the time and it looks like it moves through both blocks.

Here is a custom 3D effect for cards created in Webflow. This allows you to create a hover effect that follows the mouse for your Webflow site. It turns a static div/card and then creates a 3D transformation.

A great 3D card interaction for products or listings of services on your Webflow site. Upon hovering on the card the purchase link pops out and the card fully 3D transforms to follow the mouse movement. A great way of taking a static product card div and turning it fully dynamic.

Here's a way to add an interactive, draggable 3D model to your Webflow site. Find the full video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0Xd4wGfn_E

A fun way of creating a 3D animated menu in Webflow. Creating a 3D perspective effect when expanding the hamburger menu. This is a simple, yet effective way, to break out of the typical menu design.

Freelance user experience consultant and web designer. Available for custom Webflow sites, as well as UX design, research and prototyping.

A unique 3D depth of field native Webflow interaction. As a user scrolls through this section the images come towards you from the back of the page. This technique was built using only Webflow interactions and does not use any extra custom code or HTML embeds. This Webflow interaction utilizes the While scrolling in view trigger, it then moves the Z property from 0 to 250 rem. Each individual item also has an opacity and filter applied to it as it's scrolled into the view. A well thought out and unique Webflow interaction that will surely impress your visitors.

How about a 3D interactive iPad mockup in Webflow? Here's a way to add an interactive, 3D iPad mockup to your site.

This is a full screen lottie with scroll interaction. A unique way of using page scroll to animate a lottie file.

Here's a unique, 3D mouse interaction in Webflow. In this example a 3D box spins based on the mouse within the viewport of the Webflow site. It's a simple 3D box that rotates around the center of the viewport as the mouse is moved around.

Here's a demonstration of a frosted glassmorphism card with hover and mouse interactions. An easy way to add a glassmorphic effect to your Webflow site.

A fun demonstration of what's possible using Webflow interactions and animations. When a user scrolls down the page the numbers continue to count up or count down on scroll up. This utilizes a number of native Webflow interactions and animations including 3D transforms, some math and a round text effect with absolutely no code. Scroll to the bottom to view the full interaction and the last animation effect.

Social media sharing buttons with hover interactions for Webflow. These social sharing buttons feature a unique aspect in which the entire background color changes on hover over to the relevant social media sites color scheme. A simple, yet fun social sharing idea. This was built entirely from Webflow interactions and doesn't require any additional code.

Four unique methods for creating 3D elements in Webflow natively without using any type of code. No custom code or lottie animations were used and all of this was accomplished naturally via Webflow interactions.

Here's a virtual card animation for Webflow. When a user hovers over the card it opens up like a card and displays the inside of the virtual card. A fun animation for your Webflow site and a way to send someone a virtual card.

Here's a demonstration of utilizing ztext.js for 3D text effect on mouse move in Webflow. The background was created from an SVG generator.

This creates a 3D folding technique to a Webflow page on scroll down. Perfect for creating some 3D depth to your Webflow site and adding unique interactions and animations.

Here's a concept design of a 3D contact form that follows the mouse on the page in Webflow. An interesting interaction that may help provide some inspiration for other methods on your own Webflow site.

Unlock the power of jQuery with this scrolling 3D cube. A fun way of showcasing images, portfolio items and more.