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The top 45 3D Transform Webflow cloneables. Easily copy & paste 3D Transform components for your next Webflow site.

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How about a 3D interactive iPad mockup in Webflow? Here's a way to add an interactive, 3D iPad mockup to your site.

Using Webflow's 3D transform, custom animations and a bit of JS you're now able to recreate the Star Wars intro on your Webflow site. Please note that there's custom code required for this to work which you can find within the closing body tag of the Page Settings. There are two scripts, one that powers the music and the other that powers the moving stars.

A fun demonstration of what's possible using Webflow interactions and animations. When a user scrolls down the page the numbers continue to count up or count down on scroll up. This utilizes a number of native Webflow interactions and animations including 3D transforms, some math and a round text effect with absolutely no code. Scroll to the bottom to view the full interaction and the last animation effect.

A demonstration of using Spline to create an interactive and embeddable 3D background. This interaction will not appear on the project preview and you'll need to visit the actual page to learn more about this technique.

Here's a wonderful 3D card hover effect in Webflow. When a user hovers over a card a 3D effect is shown and folds down and additional information is displayed. This is achieved via interactions and rotates the image 90 degrees back and a content wrapper rotates 90 degrees on hover. The effect was achieved by placing an image wrapper and a content wrapper inside of the 3D wrapper. The 3D wrapper has a child perspective applied to it via the transform option. This allows the div block inside of the wrapper to have a 3D effect as they rotate in and out. The transform-origin for the image wrapper was set to the bottom and the transform-origin for hte content wrapper was set to top. In the interactions rotation and opacity animations to both the image wrapper and content wrapper. Both div blocks are rotated on the x-axis.

A unique 3D looping card animation built with zero code on Webflow. This is perfect for a unique way to display features, services, images and more on a site. This infinite looping card animation continues endlessly and provides a fun and unique interaction animation that adds a dynamic flair to your Webflow site.

An amazing 3D scroll animation that rotates a tablet towards the viewer on scrolling down. This can be used for both static images or animated videos and creates a wonderful depth perspective on page scroll by users.

Here's a demonstration of a spinning 3D sphere in Webflow via Three.js and wEBGL

Add interactive 3D particles and a 3D spinning object to your Webflow site.

Here's a unique, 3D mouse interaction in Webflow. In this example a 3D box spins based on the mouse within the viewport of the Webflow site. It's a simple 3D box that rotates around the center of the viewport as the mouse is moved around.