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Here's a fun glitch style effect for your Webflow site. With this CSS effect the entire page, text and everything will appear to glitch randomly. It's a fun way of adding dynamic effects to your site.

Four different custom button designs for your Webflow site. These custom, animated buttons already have the necessary interactions to make them dynamic and interactive. A variety of hover states effects can be found in these 4 different button designs.

Here's a fun way to add a 3D text stroke effect on hover in Webflow. When a user moves the cursor around the page the text creates a 3D stroke effect following the cursor around the page.

A vertical masonry image grid lightbox driven by Webflow's native CMS. This allows you to easily integrate a beautiful masonry image grid with a full screen pop up modal upon click. The modal has a lighthouse slider with thumbnails that you can click on and view each individual image within the CMS system.

A unique way of erasing content via a hover over effect with your mouse. Also includes a touchable version for tablets. Be sure to add the custom code to your site to ensure that the black overlay is properly shown.

A very cool, custom OGL cursor effect for Webflow. You can edit the speed, count of lines, friction, colors and other settings. A fun and dynamic cursor effect for your Webflow site.

Background swirl animation via canvas backgrounds in Webflow. This method is created via a custom JS file found in the closing body tag of the page settings. This utilizes the unique javascript text "hack" allowing you to host JS files as text files in Webflow and calling that text file as a script.

Turn your site into an interactive black hole with this unique Webflow cloneable. Please note that this entire example relies on scripts and code so you'll need to add the code found on the page and within the page settings for this to work properly.

Add a flock of interactive flying birds to your Webflow site via three.js and vanta.js. A wonderful way of adding an interactive background of 3D birds flying to your Webflow site. You can edit the following sections of the custom code for further refinement. You can edit: backgroundColor: 0xffffff, color1: 0xf70707, color2: 0xff5a00, birdSize: 0.90, wingSpan: 29.00, speedLimit: 4.00, separation: 22.00, alignment: 21.00, cohesion: 21.00, backgroundAlpha: 0.93

Here's an example of implementing three.js animated interactive road on your Webflow site. Three.js is a great way to add interactive, 3D effects to your Webflow site.

Here's a beautiful WebGL colorful background animation on page load. A great way to add extra color and a dynamic element to your Webflow site.

A nice background animation with a very small fie size. Download the JS files, download the .txt fill file Search for backgroundColor Change the hsla code Upload the new file Link the new script in the script tag

A demonstration of creating a reflecting WebGL three.js cube in Webflow. This creates a reflecting 3D cube that's interactive when clicked and dragged creating a 3D style effect. Moving the mouse on the site moves the cube to different areas of the page.

Using three.js and vanta.js to accomplish a 3D interactive polygon water background effect for Webflow. This interactive background allows for a ripple and water effect to be added to your Webflow site. When a user interacts with the page the water changes views and dimensions. You can edit the following variables based on your requirements. You can edit: shininess: 150.00, waveHeight: 26.00, waveSpeed: 0.70, zoom: 0.65, color: 0x368bbe

A demonstration of using Sketch.js for a background interaction within Webflow. Using sketch.js the background of your Webflow site becomes a drawing canvas in which users can move their mouse and it creates a design on the background of the Webflow site.

A fun way of adding a stair melting text transformation animation on hover in Webflow. Perfect for adding a dynamic layer of text to your Webflow site's header or headline section.

Custom cursor particles effect for Webflow. When a user moves his mouse over the page custom particles are shown trailing the mouse. A fun, dynamic interaction that adds some animation and life to your Webflow site. This is accomplished via Sketch.js

A shooting stars effect for the background of your Webflow site. The stars come in from the top right to the bottom left on your Webflow site.

Here's a way to add a unique image hover interaction to your Webflow projects. When a user hovers over an image various hover over effects take place. This demonstration shows several different methods. You can use this animation variants found on this page. To add this effect to your project copy the image wrapper (.wrapper) and change the transform-origin of the images as you'd like.

This creates a 3D folding technique to a Webflow page on scroll down. Perfect for creating some 3D depth to your Webflow site and adding unique interactions and animations.

Add a liquid metal background animation to your Webflow site via WebGL. Please note that this example relies heavily on scripts and custom code so you'll need to add the custom code found within the page settings.

A fluid, morphing SVG background for your Webflow site using Anime.js. Perfect for the background of your Webflow sections, or entire site.

Five different image mouse trailing effects in Webflow. When a user moves the mouse cursor on the site the images pop up and follow/trail the cursor. These different effects allow you to add a new layer of dynamic elements to your Webflow site that open up all types of possibilities.

Here's a way of adding a colored fog background effect to your Webflow site using Three.js and Vanta.js. Please keep in mind that this has good browser compatibility however is CPU intensive and may have some minor issues on mobile. Be sure use only one Vanta.js animation per page.

A fun way of adding an interactive halo background effect to your Webflow site using the power of Three.js and Vanta.js.

A very cool three.js background animation featuring fly by hills that are black and white. A unique way to add 3D depth the background of your Webflow site.

An interactive blob and SVG morph technique using anime.js in Webflow. This is a great example of utilizing Anime.js and a blotter text effect for your Webflow site. When a user moves the mouse/cursor on the page different interactive effects take place to make the site entirely dynamic.

Here's a way to add random stroke backgrounds to your Webflow site via three.js and vanta.js. Each time the page is loaded the strokes are loaded randomly.

An interactive sky background for your Webflow site using three.js and vanta.js. When a user interacts with the page it feels like you're flying through a set of clouds. A perfect way of adding depth and interactive nature to your Webflow site.

A unique photo/masonry grid for Webflow featuring reverse scrolling interaction and mouse hover over effects. As the user scrolls down the page two sets of images scroll in one direction while the middle row moves in the opposite direction. This effect was created strictly from Webflow's native interactions and doesn't require any extra JS or CSS.

A fun three.js background animation for your Webflow site. Flying butterflies will come from the bottom left hand corner of your page and fly up to the top right and off of the screen. A fun background animation effect powered by Three.js and Webflow.

Here's a way to add a neon sign text effect to your Webflow site. A perfect CSS effect that creates a neon sign style text effect in Webflow.

A unique demonstration of OGL manipulating a sites background image on hover. Be sure to check out the custom code to ensure that this work properly on your Webflow site.

A unique Webflow slider created with Three.js and GlslCanvas. While this is a good example of a slider it uses hand coded image URLs rather than Webflow sliders. A good demonstration of how to add Three.js slider effects to your Webflow site but will need some customization to make it work properly on a Webflow site.

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