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A unique way of using a CMS to create an interactive responsive map. You can watch the full tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqSEvzzLoVQ

A unique page scrolling effect for Webflow powered by GSAP and Webflow CMS. When scrolling down the page cards appear to move out of a stack and fly off the page between each "section". The backgrounds colors change while the title of each section is displayed. This is created via custom code from GSAP and ScrollTrigger so you'll need to add the custom code found before the closing body tags in order for this to work. The Webflow CMS controls each section and is tied directly to the GSAP code, including the images for the cards, the sorting order and the background color associated with each section.

Showcase your Webflow projects and portfolio items within a laptop. This includes videos, animations, and more. This is fully responsive and works with your CMS items so that the videos can change dynamically as needed.

A full page Calendar with week/day/month setting and works with Webflow CMS. This full page calendar design relies on custom stylesheet and JS to work so you'll need to copy both the CSS and JS found in the head and closing body tag of the page settings. Please note that this is primarily driven via CSS and thus Webflow's designer becomes rather useless for the design other than the Webflow CMS elements tied to it.

A unique Valentines Day card creation tool via Webflow. This shows ways of creating a form with a static URL creation and a way to develop dynamic card content.

A Webflow CMS slider driven by SlickCarousel that allows for draggable slider and previous/next buttons. In order to get this to work properly you will need to add the custom code in the page settings. A clean and intuitive way to create a modern and elegant slider in Webflow.

Here's a way of adding a full page infinite scrollable and draggable grid in Webflow. This grid is fully draggable in ALL directions, horizontal and vertical as well as in any other direction. A perfect way of adding a unique design for portfolios, photography and much more in Webflow. This can also be used to tie into Webflow's native CMS system.

A simple way of adding a CMS driven stacked slider to Webflow using addClass and removeClass jquery code that is fully responsive. This opens up a new way of adding a 3D stacked effect for your native Webflow sliders.

A Webflow slider created with SplideJS tied into Webflow's native CMS system. This slider features a draggable slider with a progress bar. In order to get this to work properly you'll need to add the HTML embed splide code as well as the code found within the page settings.

Want to add more than 5 Webflow collection items per list or have more than 1 nested Webflow collection per page? With Finsweet's Attributes you are now able to do this! Create a CMS nest functionality without any limitations and add more than 1 nested Webflow per CMS page. In order for this to work you'll need to add the custom JS library found in Page Settings head section and refer to Finsweet's documentation.