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T Bionics Rebuild

This website design was created as a proposal option for a client but it wasn't the chosen design direction. The design style reflects the idea of constant evolution in the field of bionics research. I wanted to explore it because I think there are nice visual motifs that connect to the world of science.

A set of fun characters created via strictly from Webflow interactions utilizing divs and no images. A great exercise in the abilities of Webflow interactions. The interactions rely on movement, size of divs with a loop to make this continuous animated character interaction.

A unique example of various text related interactions in Webflow. When the site loads each letter is gradually shown, scrolling down the page you're then presented with further interactions via the in-view and out of view interactions with offset to create a nice effect while scrolling. This is based entirely on Webflow's native CMS system. There is some custom CSS in order to have the customized Webflow CMS items and for cursor events.

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Liviu Avasiloiei

Visual designer creating holistic brands and immersive digital experiences. Follow my work at designedbyla.com

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