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The top 290 Animation Webflow cloneables. Easily copy & paste Animation components for your next Webflow site.

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A simple pricing table with a three column design for Webflow. This simple pricing table features a blue design with gradients, animated circles background, and a primary pricing package with features options.

Here's a way to add an infinite, transparent slider to your Webflow site. An easy cloneable that you can copy and paste to your site and have it setup and running in no time.

Add a dynamic indicator to let your users know how far down the page they've scrolled via this interaction on your Webflow site.

A demonstration of a spiral galaxy via three.js in Webflow with a GUI control panel. In this example you're able to manipulate the spiral galaxy animation and customize the settings. A great way of testing/playing with this three.js technique to find the best settings for your spiral galaxy.

Here's an example of a menu with a slide in interaction and that features a background video for the menu. A fun interaction that adds some depth and liveliness to your Webflow site.

Custom cursor particles effect for Webflow. When a user moves his mouse over the page custom particles are shown trailing the mouse. A fun, dynamic interaction that adds some animation and life to your Webflow site. This is accomplished via Sketch.js

Here's a way to create a zoom in on click technique in Webflow. If you need to magnify an image on your Webflow site this cloneable is perfect for you.

A very unique, fold in curtain style menu animation navbar for Webflow. The menu is revealed from both the top right and top left of the page. You could add different images or colors for the panels coming in. You could also add a variation of different textures or styles to those divs, or keep it simple and use this example. The animated menu was built using Webflow interactions. The rotating text inside of the menu was created with Illustrator, After Effects and Lottie.

A simple review slider with a lottie star load animation. When each new review slide is loaded the lottie stars load one at a time. This is also mobile responsive and should work at all resolutions.

A custom, automatic slider with unique animations on Webflow. It was made with Webflow with custom interactions.