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Here are several demonstrations of mouse hover interactions as well as text page scroll animations and transitions for various sections of a Webflow site.

A unique demonstration of the capabilities of Webflow interactions to create an animated solar system. This demonstration utilizes primarily Webflow's native interactions and rather simple interactions to demonstrate the rotation of the planets in our solar system. What seems like a rather confusing and extensive site is built using Webflow's native interactions and simple timed rotating interactions.

A fun way of creating a 3D animated menu in Webflow. Creating a 3D perspective effect when expanding the hamburger menu. This is a simple, yet effective way, to break out of the typical menu design.

Using Webflow's 3D transform, custom animations and a bit of JS you're now able to recreate the Star Wars intro on your Webflow site. Please note that there's custom code required for this to work which you can find within the closing body tag of the Page Settings. There are two scripts, one that powers the music and the other that powers the moving stars.

How far can you push Webflow's native interactions? In this demonstration you'll find a Mad Max movie intro page that showcases just how far you can push the limits of Webflow interactions. There are no gifs, gimmicks, or lottie/SVG animated files being used here.

How about a 3D interactive iPad mockup in Webflow? Here's a way to add an interactive, 3D iPad mockup to your site.

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