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Here's a way to create a zoom in on click technique in Webflow. If you need to magnify an image on your Webflow site this cloneable is perfect for you.

A linkable hero overlay for your Webflow site that grows as the user hovers over the different split sections. Perfect for a modern hero section, pre-landing page, and other similar sections on your Webflow site.

A demonstration of text clipping with a gradient and a background image. The fontset used in this example is Heatwave Typeface.

A beautifully designed hero section for an architecture firm/business in Webflow. This offers a unique, 3D style pre-loader with a full hero section. The hero incldues custom line style slider navigation, 2 lightboxes in each slide, one for image and one for video, search functionality, hamburger menu and much more.

A way to add dynamic variable fonts interactions via Webflow. On mouse hover the fonts change to another font class and offer a transition between the two font classes via the hover effect.

Here's a way to build a toggle switch for your Webflow site using interactions. A great way to learn how to build toggle switches in Webflow and get a better understanding of Webflow interactions.

Here's a way to add a rainbow style cursor in Webflow without any external JS libraries.

Here's a way of adding a colored fog background effect to your Webflow site using Three.js and Vanta.js. Please keep in mind that this has good browser compatibility however is CPU intensive and may have some minor issues on mobile. Be sure use only one Vanta.js animation per page.

Here's a rebuild of Stripes mega menu design in Webflow. Add a unique mega menu design and navbar to your site inspired by Stripe's mega menu.

A unique 3D image mosaic with glare effects and 3D transforms in Webflow. This cloneable uses 100% native Webflow interactions to achieve the effects with a large number of mosaic tile divs for the images. The Webflow interactions utilizes to create this effect are Rotate, Filter and Move via Mouse Actions.