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A beautifully designed opt-in/sign up modal interaction with Webflow that provides a unique way to sign people up or opt them in via an interaction. The modal has a custom bounce interaction on load and you can use the X or click anywhere on the page to close the box.

A unique way to display and reveal a thumbnail image preview on hover.

Hatch is a utility framework/UI kit that is made up of 2,200 low-level utility classes, allowing you to get started on your Webflow sites faster. From font sizing to spacing scales based on responsiveness. The documentation for each class can be found here: https://www.notion.so/Hatch-0d4a03cf6c9f474787e59484822d09c7

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Mark Demo as Complete

Mark a demo as complete on your Webflow site that uses Memberstack. A great way to track progress of your users learning course and progress throughout the campaign.


Mackenzie Child

Education design @webflow 💙

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