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Webflow Limits & Feature Availability

A complete and updated list of known Webflow limitations and feature availability.

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Max number of pages per project
The max limit of the number of pages per project/site
2 (free)
100 (paid)
Max characters custom code sections
The max character count for custom code/embed fields on a Webflow site/project. This limit is per field (header/footer sections)
Max characters custom embed code
This is the maximum character count for any embed code component added to a Webflow page
Max number of items per dropdown list
The maximum number of items allowed per dropdown list in Webflow
No page slug transliteration for non-english titles
Webflow does not natively support page URL slug translation for page URLs and slugs.
No support for CSS nested selectors
Webflow does not natively support CSS nested selectors (class: hover .child). The primary workaround is to use Webflow interactions or custom jQuery.
No form file uploads
Except - Business hosting. All other hosting packages do not allow file uploads directly from forms. There are work arounds through 3rd party embeds, however with the exception of business hosting Webflow forms do not allow uploads.
Multiple locations/addresses Google map widget
Without custom work arounds/embeds Webflow does not natively support multiple locations/markers/addresses for the Google map widget
Protecting classes from Style Cleanup
When using Style Cleanup there is no way to natively protect classes. Style Cleanup allows users to quickly remove unused classes. If using custom code with CSS classes these classes would be removed as they aren't being actively used in the designer.
Backup & restoring
The number of backup and restoring options available based on hosting packages
5 (free)
Unlimited (paid)
Custom code
The ability to add custom code to head and body of pages within Webflow
Disabled (free)
Enabled (paid)
Max search results per page
Webflow's native search page limits the maximum results per page to 60 items. Although there are search alternatives that allow "unlimited" results.
Business hosting file form upload filetypes
When using Business hosting and file form uploads Webflow limits the filetypes allowed for uploading.
Custom breakpoints
As of now there is no way of creating custom breakpoints, breakpoint defaults are set by Webflow designer.
Native table support
Webflow does not offer a native table component within designer. Tables must be created manually and embedded.
Support for CSS calc
Webflow does not natively support CSS calc in the Style Editor.
Real time collaboration
Webflow designer does not offer real time collaboration as like tools like Figma
Modern image format support
Webflow recently added Webp support however other formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and AVIF


Max CMS collections per project
Webflow's CMS collections are extremely powerful although there are limits to the total number of collections allowed per project based on a site's hosting package.
40 (business)
Max CMS collections per page
The limit of CMS collections that you are allowed to add per page. It is possible to circumvent this limit by using Symbols with CMS collections.
Max fields per CMS collection
The max number of fields you can add to a CMS collection. Fields are things like Titles, attachments, numbers, reference fields and so on.
60 (business)
Max number of reference fields per collection
Reference fields in CMS collections can be used for things like Authors, tags, features, etc.
10 (business)
Total collection item limit per project
The max number of CMS collection items per project. The total limit is for all CMS collections combined per project.
50 (free)
2k (CMS hosting)
10k (business)
Max number of collection list items (per page)
When adding a CMS collection list to a page Webflow limits the number of items to 100 per page. Without the use of third party scripts (Jetboost/Attributes) this is the limit for each page.
Max characters for Name field in collection
Every collection has a required and default Name field. This field is limited to 120 characters.
120 characters
Max editor accounts per hosting subscription
With Webflow you can add editors to projects to work in the designer. Extra editors can be added to projects for $6 per additional editor account beyond the default limits.
Unable to sort multi-reference dynamic lists on collection template page
When creating a CMS collection Webflow automatically creates template pages. Within these template pages there's no way to sort multi-reference dynamic lists on this template page.
CMS designer components integration limits
Webflow's designer components are limited when trying to work with CMS collections. Examples include sliders, lightboxes and others. Many people have created unique work arounds so be sure to visit our Cloneable pages and select the CMS filter.
No membership management
Webflow currently doesn't support membership management (login, registration, forget password, etc.). Although this is currently in Beta and is scheduled to be released publicly in due time.
No guest CMS contributors feature
There is no way for non-editors to contribute to Webflow's CMS collections. You can get creative with work arounds using Zapier/Make/etc.
CSV import limits
When using Webflow CSV import functionality for CMS collections there is no way to set reference, multi-reference and file fields.
Unable to export and host Webflow CMS
If you plan on export your Webflow site and host it elsewhere there is no native support solutions for Webflow CMS.
Max number of paginated pages per collection list
In the strange event you'd ever hit this limit Webflow has a limit of 1,750 pages per collection list.
One nested reference per collection list - 5 maximum fields
When working with Webflow CMS collections you are only able to nest one other collection list within the parent CMS collection. It will also limit you to 5 results from that nested collection. If you plan on working with CMS collections you will run into this problem.


Payment provider limitations
Webflow only has two supported payment modes - Paypal and Stripe (no bank transfer, cheque, cash-on-delivery, Afterpay, Square, etc.) This means there is no support for selling in China
No native brick-and-mortar store inventory and checkout
There's no native way to connect your in store inventory to your Webflow inventory. You also cannot use your Webflow site to checkout (at the cashier check out)
No shipping zone limitations
You cannot limit your ecommerce stores shipping zones (for example by zip code/state/etc) you can only limit by country.
No in-store pickup option
There is no way for a client to select in store pickup as a shipping option
No multiple currency converter
Each site only supports one currency and no way to allow for multiple currencies
No wishlist & gift registry
There is no native support for wishlists or online gift registries
Unable to sell digital goods
Webflow doesn't have native support for digital goods, such as individual licenses, downloadable products, etc)
Unable to sell appointments/booking slots
There is no native support for selling appointments, time slots, booking slots or similar features.
Volume discounts
There is no way to create volume discounts for your ecommerce store. For example, 5% discount for 5 or more times, 10% discount for 10 or more
Discount/coupon codes
Webflow does not natively support discount codes or coupon codes
Recurring transactions/subscriptions
There isn't any native support for recurring transactions or subscriptions
No customer login or order history
There is no way for clients to login to your Webflow ecommerce store and/or view their order history
Cannot use buttons or checkboxes for product variations
There's no support for using buttons or checkboxes on the product sales page. The only option for variations is via a dropdown.
No file attachments for orders
Clients cannot upload images (for customized products) at any point during the checkout/ordering process
Express checkout/buy now
Customers cannot express checkout or buy now, each customer needs to view the cart and checkout for each transaction
No external CRM/inventory management
There's no native support for CRMs/inventory management for tools like Salesforce
No test mode
There's no support for test mode, such as with Stripe to test the store/checkout process.
No customer email/phone in notification emails
Sales notification emails do not include customer email or phone and there is no option to add this to the email.
Minimum order requirements
There is no way to set minimum order requirements (5 items, 10 items, etc) before an item can be added to a cart.
Abandon cart marketing
There is no native support for abandoned cart remarketing.
No customer email/phone in notification emails
Sales notification emails do not include customer email or phone and there is no option to add this to the email.
Review functionality
There is no way to add review functionality to your Webflow ecommerce site.
Manual tax rate/receipts
There is no way to manually set the tax rate or provide this on the receipt information
Affiliate/referral system
Webflow does not have a native affiliate/referral system
Custom shipping options
There is no way to customize the shipping options based on the products being ordered. For example, adjusting shipping based on the weight of individual items, number of items, etc.


Form submissions
Webflow limits the number of form submissions per month based on the hosting package/account package
10 (free)
500 (paid)
Parked domains per project
The max number of parked domains per project is Unknown but has been tested by users up to 10
301 redirects
There may be a theoretical limit of 301 redirects however the most that a user has tested is 1000 items.
Unable to transfer site with paid hosting
In order to transfer a site with Paid hosting it must be canceled first.
Adobe fonts integration
Adobe fonts integration is only possible with active hosting. You cannot duplicate a project and have the custom fonts until you purchase a hosting plan.
GDPR Compliance - European hosting
As of now the Webflow sites are hosted in the United States and does not offer European hosting for GDPR compliance.


Purchased templates can only be used on one site. You have to pay for the template again for each clone/copy.
Account upgrade/downgrade
Unable to downgrade account if sites exceeds new quota/limits