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Accessibility Webflow Code Snippets

8 Accessibility Webflow Javascript, HTML & CSS Code Snippets to supercharge your sites.

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Reduced motion media query

The ability to hide and show elements on your Webflow site based on if a user has reduced motion activated in their operating system. Adding this Javascript code helps with accessibility by hiding and showing elements based on the users predefined OS accessibility settings.

Keyboard Accessibility Slider Arrows

Add keyboard accessibility functionality to your Webflow site with this custom Javascript code. This allows users to navigate between slides using their keyboards offering better accessibility to your Webflow sites.

Escape Close Modal Accessibility

Add accessibility functionality to your Webflow modals with this Javascript code. When a user presses escape the modal window will automatically close.

Skip Link Accessibility

Add accessibility features to your Webflow site by allowing to skip links with the keyboard only. Skip links allows keyboard navigation or screen readers to jump past the site navigation quickly. This allows for better accessibility for your Webflow sites.

Navigate Webflow Slider with Arrow Keys

Add arrow keys keyboard functionality to Webflow's native slider with this simple Javascript code. This added functionality allows users to use their keyboards to navigation through slides in a Webflow slider.

Draggable Text Area Input Resizing


Make your default form inputs draggable and resizable on your Webflow sites with this CSS snippet. This CSS snippet allows for you to make your default form field inputs resizable by your users/visitors on your Webflow sites.

Prefer Reduced Motion on Anchors

This allows you to utilize users OS preferences for reduced motion on anchors in Webflow. Adding this Javascript code snippet to your page settings helps the accessibility of your Webflow site based on your users preferences.

Swipe Webflow Tabs

Add native swiping gestures to Webflow tabs to allow for swiping between tabs with this Javascript code. Webflow doesn't natively support swiping gestures, however it's easy to add swiping gestures to switch between tabs via this JS code.