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Dynamic Copyright Year

Quite manually updating your Webflow sites copyright year with this Javascript code snippet. This Javascript code snippet will automatically display the current year for copyright years in footers and other elements in which you want to show the current year.

Show/Hide Based on Date or Time

This allows you to show or hide items based on date or time in Webflow. This is great for event based information, you can display various elements based on if its prior to a time or after a specified time on your Webflow site.

Wait X before showing modal again

Automatically show a modal or div after X minutes once the window/element has been hidden/closed in Webflow. A great way of showing advertisements, alert messages and so forth based on a time interval between the last time it was viewed.

Page Transition Click Delay

Add a delay when a user clicks on a link on your Webflow site. This functionality adds a nice delay to your Webflow site before the users hit the next page.

Set Div to Today's Date

Dynamically add today's date to a div on your Webflow site. A perfect way to easily display the current date on your site without any headaches.

Reading Time Blog/Article Page

Display the reading time associated with a blog or article on your Webflow site with this Javascript code. With this code you'll be able to easily add a reading time to all of your blogs or articles on your Webflow site.

Countdown timer

Add a countdown timer to your Webflow site with this simple Javascript snippet. Want to display a countdown timer to a time of your choosing on your Webflow site? Now you can easily add one with this Javascript snippet.