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21 Accordion Webflow cloneables

The top 21 Accordion Webflow cloneables. Easily copy & paste Accordion components for your next Webflow site.

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A CMS driven accordion calendar for Webflow. Perfect for an events page or about page on your Webflow site. In order to use this be sure to copy the hidden section which includes an unbounded CMS design.

A modern cloneable accordion grid for Webflow. This accordion grid is a free and easy copy and paste cloneable built with all necessary interactions so that you can quickly add an accordion to your Webflow project.

Here's a dark design full width large accordion with interactions for Webflow. An easy way to add a huge accordion to your Webflow site.

Here's a way to add a full page, horizontal accordion to your Webflow site. Using this method you can change the traditional horizontal accordion design to a full page, vertical accordion. Please note that this uses custom code found within the body section of the Page settings.

A frequently asked questions FAQ expanding accordion interaction for Webflow. The interaction expands and then collapses the accordion based on each click.

Are you looking to use Webflow tabs with a rich text CMS field? By default Webflow doesn't allow rich text fields to be placed in the tabs by default. This technique uses a bit of JavaScript so if you change the classes be sure to update the code within the page settings. The arrows in this demonstration are from Font Awesome and the colors can also be updated in the page settings.

An accordion with Native tabs absolute sidebar navigation for Webflow. This combines the power of the accordion and native Webflow tabs element with some minor custom code for the numbering of each category. Due to this the method will not work for Webflow CMS. Perfect for an online course, learning module or similar style site.

An interactive accordion design for your Webflow site. This design is a full width accordion built with all necessary open and close interactions as well as a custom mouse cursor design.

Here's a way of having the first accordion item open on page load on Webflow. With a little bit of jQuery this enables you to have the first item open on the page load on your Webflow site.

A FAQ section with a sticky sidebar and accordions for various FAQ questions.