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Instagram Rebuild

A great Instagram rebuild as a Webflow template. This template is a perfect starting platform for a social media image based site built on Webflow. This Instagram rebuild features a three column style site with navigation on the left, images in the center and about user on the right side. On the left sidebar you can find details about the user, such as followers, post count and then general navigation. In this navigation you'll see feed, explore tags and more. In the images column you'll see the images section similar to posts and news que. The site features a search area, create post button and other navigation elements.

A full screen parallax menu/navigation featuring mouse interactions.

A full screen animated navigation with hover interactions and slide in animations.

Here's a way to create a horizontal scrolling slider item based on a Webflow CMS. The top one is an example of it in use, while the second one is easier to copy and paste into your projects. Just unbind it from the collection and you can then copy and paste. It's limited to four items so if you end up adding more you'll need to go in and edit the interaction. Please note that there are separate interactions for mobile, tablet and landscape.

A simple landing page perfect for a digital business card via a QR code or other short URL. This design feature a hover slider effect and large cards to make it easy for users to navigate your digital business card site.

A fun text effect where text hops on hover.

Here's an easy way to implement a Webflow form to Mailchimp. Everything in this cloneable is done for you so that you can easily add your own Mailchimp connection to Webflow's native forms. Simply update the Action URL in your Embed form.

Add a click to text functionality to your Webflow site. Using this functionality when someone clicks on this link it'll open their default text messaging app to send a message via text message. Please note that this uses an HTML text link embed in order to function properly.

A way to achieve text appearing on scroll effect.

A full page background video hero section design in Webflow. An easy way to integrate a background video hero section in your Webflow projects with unique button interactions, and a scroll indicator.

A CMS driven hover slider for Webflow. Swipe on mobile or use your mouse to navigate on desktop.

Here's a dark design full width large accordion with interactions for Webflow. An easy way to add a huge accordion to your Webflow site.

Add a custom cursor of your choosing to your Webflow site. This allows you to add a custom cursor and you don't need to add interactions to each link in your site as well as the hover effect when the cursor moves off the page.

Three amazingly designed call to action section scroll interactions created in Webflow. These call to actions are perfect for the bottom of your Webflow sites to create eye popping dynamic elements that draw the users attention.

A fully designed, minimal black and white footer with navigation effects.

Add a CMS driven draggable slider with smoothing to your Webflow site. This slider offers the ability to slide with a trackpad and also has mobile smoothing. There's a small webkit code that removes the scrollbar as well.

A set of unique 3D cards in Webflow with hover over animations and unique interactions. These dark themed cards include mouse cursor interactions in which the cards create a 3D effect on hover. At the same time the cards have a hover animation in which a circle grows and changes the card from dark, to white with all icons/text and everything changing on the hover state.

A steps section design for your Webflow site with unique scroll animations/interactions. Here's a unique cloneable that's ready to be added to your Webflow site perfect for a steps section portion of your site.

A fullscreen photo accordion with hover over interactions for Webflow. This Webflow cloneable features a unique full screen accordion powered by Webflow's native CMS system. When a user hovers over each card the card expands to show a larger image and detailed information about the accordion. While a majority of the effects were created with Webflow's native interactions there is some custom code that needs to be applied.

A non-boring, full width image link with hover interactions in Webflow. A perfect way to add a full width section with unique hover interactions for your Webflow site. The bottom one is the one you'll want to copy and paste and use in your Webflow projects.

A unique technique to create a text outline via an image mask technique within Webflow.

A CMS driven accordion calendar for Webflow. Perfect for an events page or about page on your Webflow site. In order to use this be sure to copy the hidden section which includes an unbounded CMS design.

A fun way of adding a water mouse hover ripple effect to your Webflow site. Simply add a tiny code and the javascript library and you're all set.

Here's a unique underline animation for tabs in Webflow. When you hover over a tab, an animated underline interaction is triggered. The tabbed items also have a hover over interaction in which a view magnetic button appears and follows the cursor over the hovered item.

Here's a way to disable right click images in Webflow. The custom code will disable right click on either images or lightbox images. In order for this to work simply copy and paste the code found in the Copy this code HTML embed. Keep in mind that this only disables the right click although images can still be downloaded from the web without the right click capabilities.

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