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Here's a technique for changing the size of CMS elements with a toggle button to give your clients more flexibility in displaying CMS items in Webflow. Each element has a toggle, medium large and align center. When one of those options is active, a class is then added to the grid item via custom code. This then changes the design based on the clients selection. In order for this to work, the embed field in each CMS item and the jQuery code must be added. Tutorial: https://youtu.be/DsuCGRSgJIk

Here's a way to add magnetic images to links on Webflow. The images appear as you hover over the links and stick to the mouse and overlay the text over the image. This method relies strictly on Webflow interactions and doesn't require any custom code or HTML embeds. The interactions use a combination of hide/show, scale, opacity text color and border color to work properly.

Automatically add an outgoing arrow to all outbound links on your site. This is a custom CSS code solution that will need to be embeded into your project. The arrow icon can be replaced with an SVG image in the CSS code. Simply adjust the styling in the CSS and you're all set.

Here's a way to add a custom mouse cursor tooltip in Webflow. This custom tooltip fades in when hovering over an element and follows the mouse pointer over that element. This could be used for project title information, additional/next slider information and much more. A majority of this is created with Webflow interactions. Please note that there is some custom style CSS in the head section of the page.

A great way to achieve a sticky Webflow effect for features, about sections or really anything in which the image becomes sticky in the viewport while the text still scrolls. As you scroll down the images are sticky while the text is scrollable, between each section there's an image transition effect. This effect uses no custom code and is all accomplished via Webflow's while scrolling into view interaction with the opacity and scale options.

A great way of adding a slider component with a splitscreen gallery slideshow that automatically rotates a collage while animating each slide with it's own transition. View the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/IvxswB5jy-w

Here's a way of adding custom popup modals for video and content to your Webflow site. These custom content modals utilize custom code to disable scrolling when the pop up modal window is open. This helps prevent user confusion and scrolling of the site when these modal windows are open. For the video popup additional jQuery code is utilized to stop the video from running in the background when the window has been closed.

Want to add an audio player in your Webflow site? Here's a way of adding a Webflow CMS powered HTML audio player to your Webflow sites. This allows you to add standard browser designs, custom styles and designs via jQuery and much more to your Webflow projects. While Webflow doesn't allow you to host MP3 files natively there are other free external hosting options, such as Dropbox, that will allow it.

A unique way to show a video play button via the mouse/hover over in Webflow. A fun way to add a dynamic play button to your videos in Webflow. When someone hovers over the video a play button appears to follow the mouse cursor and offers a few different rotate states depending upon where the mouse is located over the video. This technique uses a few different native Webflow interactions for the mouse cursor to appear and the rotate effect. This uses 100% native Webflow interactions and does not require any extra code. Tutorial can be found on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/ySUF-D9LxjE

An amazing 3D scroll animation that rotates a tablet towards the viewer on scrolling down. This can be used for both static images or animated videos and creates a wonderful depth perspective on page scroll by users.

A unique scroll-into-view animation that teases the portfolio image as soon as they come into the view port.

Here's a unique parallax blur scrolling animation that's perfect for portfolio sections in Webflow. This parallax blur scrolling animation effect adds the image that's being scrolled to the background with a blur filter effect. All of this is achieved via native Webflow interactions.

A fancy, full-screen responsive and mobile ready menu navigation. The custom open and close animation is with an animated background gradient that adds some uniqueness to the menu itself. View the youtube tutorial here:

Various demonstrations of how to create magnetic elements in Webflow. This method is typically used for buttons but can be implemented on a variety of objects using a single interaction and class. In this demonstration a parent class called is-magnetic has an interaction tied to it that allows the items in this class to be "magnetic" and drawn to the cursor. A

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