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An experiment using a scroll effect, Lottiefiles and Webflow interactions and the simplest building blocks. A full description of how the effect is achieved so that you can easily replicate it yourself. The entire effect is created via Scroll Actions interactions and the location of the windows page scroll. The lottie files are then triggered by the percentage of the page scrolled with a "static" 100vh window.

A sticky horizontal scrolling timeline container for your Webflow site. This is a combination of sticky position, overflow-x hidden and a scrolling in view interaction. This is perfect for timelines, milestones, process steps, about, history and much more.

Here's a way to utilize Lottie files with a scroll into view interaction and position sticky. A great way to add dynamic animations to your site with animations on scroll.

Here's a way to achieve a 3D scrollable isometric grid in Webflow. When you add this to your Webflow sites you'll create a dynamic, scrollable grid that adds a 3D popping effect on hover. This technique is accomplished without any interactions and uses Webflow's native transitions and effects. This example also is tied to Webflow CMS.

A 100% native CMS based Webflow horizontal scroll technique. This CMS horizontal scroll animation was built solely with Webflow native interactions without any custom code. The method was to use a second collection list and make the length of the scroll trigger wrapper always proportional to the width of the horizontal strip. This way nothing to adjust or change in the designer when the number of items changes, and the animation will always feel consistent and smooth.

A free cloneable hero section that includes a scroll to reveal text interaction. As the user scrolls down the page the next section is zoomed into and the text then begins to appear. Make sure you have selected the body (all pages) and update your typography settings to 1vw for it to work.

Here's an easy way to create a masked video in text in Webflow. No custom code is required. This was created with an SVG file and added interactions to zoom in while scrolling.

Using Webflow's new blending modes this text effect on scroll becomes apparent of the capabilities of blend modes.

Here's a way of achieving a grid of images that move from left to right on page scroll. Smooth scrolling is achieved via luxy.js script.

Here's a technique to autoplay videos on horizontal scroll in Webflow. Using the power of Youtube APIs, window scroll events and the power of Webflow interactions you're able to now create horizontal scroll animations in which videos are automatically played or paused on scroll events. There's also a delay on the play function to add a bit of an intro animation to each video by mixing the scroll into view interactions.