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A dark technology focused Webflow template perfect for technology startups, SaaS and similar industries. This template features a unique background animation and a dark color theme. The hero section features a large header, subheadline and call to actions. Scrolling down you're presented with a product image and then a further feature section. Following that is a larger, more specific feature section and a pricing table. There's a unique page scroll animation further on the page and a large call to action.



Modern dark one page landing page to get you started on your sites.

A fun and unique way of adding scroll interactions to your Webflow site. It is slightly difficult to edit the contents of the slides, however you could make these CMS items to make it easier to edit the content within each slide.

A set of Scrollify.js section scroll interactions and unique Webflow interactions to make for section scrolling interactions in Webflow. This cloneable features Scrollify.js and the settings can be found within the pages custom code section. Each section has a custom class added in which the scrollify.js script utilizes. Each section utilizes Webflow native interactions Scroll into view in which several different individual actions are applied such as , move, opacity, scale, rotate and opacity. In this example the Scrollify.js script is being used to snap each section on scroll and all of the other interactions are powered by Webflow. While this could have been built with Webflow interactions as well the author decided to use Scrollify to limit the number of interactions per section.

Add a hover slider style interaction animation to your site for revealing an image, or div content.

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Robin Granqvist

Design focused web developer student & all-around creative. I also produce music 👋

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