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A simple, yet modern Webflow template perfect for a charity, global awareness and eco friendly site. This template utilizes a number of unique interactions that make this pop. As the user moves their mouse across the page the images have a movement effect. The links found on the right side of the page also have a hover effect that acts like a loading bar. There's a menu loading animation as well that loads the menu in a unique way.

Here's a way to create a custom homepage with a split and reverse scroll technique in Webflow. When someone scrolls on the page the two sections scroll in opposite directions providing a unique interaction to add uniqueness to your Webflow site.

A full set of beautifully designed interactions in Webflow for your projects. These interactions include buttons, play buttons, search, toggles, hamburger buttons, toggles, social sharing and much more.

How to build a Webflow burger menu with animations

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Joseph Berry

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