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Rich Music

A beautifully designed Webflow cloneable template perfect for musicians, artists and similar creative sites. This template features a large, scrolling marquee and the site is split into two sections. The left shows an upcoming show date, and about section. The right side is a scrollable section showing recent news, upcoming shows, artists and more.



A clean Webflow template perfect for apps, technology, startups or SaaS sites. This template features a large call to action hero section with download buttons, as you scroll down page scroll interactions show a variety of images, followed by a features section. As you scroll down further a unique scroll interaction demonstrates the features in a sticky section scroller, a further feature section with load animations, a testimonials vertical slider interaction, followed by the download buttons.

A conversational style contact form design for Webflow. The contact form makes it fun and easy to fill out a contact form by creating a conversational style form surrounded by customized input fields and a submit button. A perfect way to add some personalization to your Webflow's contact page.

A unique slider that provides functionality support not found in my other sliders in Webflow. Including responsive, swipe gestures, keyboard arrows. Easy to customize simply copy and paste the slide item to add more items. Place content within the content wrapper. This slider utilizes Slick Carousel to create the slider and thus requires you to add the custom JS code found in the closing body tag.

A modern and responsive pricing section with two different plans. A light mode and a dark mode is available.

A CMS based Pinterest masonry grid design for Webflow. This unique styled masonry grid is powered by Webflow's native CMS and provides unique hover over interactions.

A fun, book and page flipping interaction in Webflow. Please note that while a majority of the page designs are created with Webflow interactions there is some custom code found in the page settings to get this to work properly.

Three different variations of an infinite scrolling marquee driven by completely by Webflow CMS. All you need to do is choose the marquee, use Webflow CMS and you've got an infinite scroll marquee. Three different size variations available in this cloneable. The scrolling marquee is created via CSS, making this easier to implement then Webflow's native interactions, especially when incorporating Webflow's native CMS. You'll find this code within the HTML embed.

A great way of adding a dynamic, conversational style contact form for your Webflow site. Add some flare to your contact forms.

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Combining design + nocode to build stunning websites for startups.

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