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Liquid Metal Three.js Background

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The Liquid Metal Three.js Background is an animated background that you can add to your Webflow site using WebGL technology. This particular example requires the use of scripts and custom code, so you will need to add the provided custom code to the page settings in order to implement it on your site. The Liquid Metal Three.js Background adds a visually stunning and interactive element to your website, with a liquid metal effect that is sure to catch the attention of your visitors. This cloneable, created by Jakob Wrs, is categorized as a background, animation, and WebGL element, and is a great way to bring your website to life with dynamic and eye-catching features. Be sure to incorporate the Liquid Metal Three.js Background into your site design to give your visitors an engaging and immersive experience.

Several different text reveal on scroll animations for Webflow. These techniques use a paid GSAP plugin called SplitText was used to achieve this effect. You can find the plugin here: https://greensock.com/club/ There are three different animations demonstrated here, line animation in which each line is animated as the user scrolls into the viewport, word animation in which each word is animated on scroll, and letter animation in which each letter individually animates.

A fun way of changing the gradient background color via mouse in Webflow. Please note this will not work in Firefox. This is a native Webflow interaction and just a single line of CSS code. The CSS controls the pointer events to none while the interactions control the location of the blur and it's surrounding effects.

A fun way of adding a water mouse hover ripple effect to your Webflow site. Simply add a tiny code and the javascript library and you're all set.

A fully cloneable animated blurry gradient background that can be used on your hero section, or other sections of your site. Helps add a layer of dynamic elements to your Webflow site. This is a 100% native solution with Webflow interactions and utilizes colored div blocks with CSS scaling.

A fun, interactive bubble blog for your Webflow site driven by Three.js. This interactive bubble blob follows the mouse around the page and moves and interacts based on it's location. A fun way of adding a dynamic and interactive background animation to your Webflow site.

A huge selection of premade Webflow animations, including animated buttons, click buttons, circular hover buttons, scroll down animations, nav link animations, tab animations, search bars, social media buttons, text animations, contact cards, blog cards, product cards and more.

An infinite scrolling vertical image interaction for Webflow. A great way of achieving a vertical scrolling looping image on your Webflow site. This technique uses custom CSS and JS so be sure to check the custom code within the Page Settings.

An exploding text particles animation using Three.js in Webflow. A good demonstration of how to add Three.js to your Webflow site. In this cloneable the text begins to morph and explode as you move the cursor over it. Please note that this uses custom code found in the head and closing body tags of the page settings.

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Add a liquid metal background animation to your Webflow site via WebGL. Please note that this example relies heavily on scripts and custom code so you'll need to add the custom code found within the page settings.

Background swirl animation via canvas backgrounds in Webflow. This method is created via a custom JS file found in the closing body tag of the page settings. This utilizes the unique javascript text "hack" allowing you to host JS files as text files in Webflow and calling that text file as a script.

Here's a beautiful WebGL colorful background animation on page load. A great way to add extra color and a dynamic element to your Webflow site.

A fun three.js background animation for your Webflow site. Flying butterflies will come from the bottom left hand corner of your page and fly up to the top right and off of the screen. A fun background animation effect powered by Three.js and Webflow.

Using three.js and vanta.js to accomplish a 3D interactive polygon water background effect for Webflow. This interactive background allows for a ripple and water effect to be added to your Webflow site. When a user interacts with the page the water changes views and dimensions. You can edit the following variables based on your requirements. You can edit: shininess: 150.00, waveHeight: 26.00, waveSpeed: 0.70, zoom: 0.65, color: 0x368bbe

A fluid, morphing SVG background for your Webflow site using Anime.js. Perfect for the background of your Webflow sections, or entire site.

Custom cursor particles effect for Webflow. When a user moves his mouse over the page custom particles are shown trailing the mouse. A fun, dynamic interaction that adds some animation and life to your Webflow site. This is accomplished via Sketch.js

A very cool three.js background animation featuring fly by hills that are black and white. A unique way to add 3D depth the background of your Webflow site.

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