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The Background Gradient Hover Effect is a simple and fun way of changing the gradient background color in Webflow using mouse hover. Please note that this technique will not work in Firefox. This technique is a native Webflow interaction that uses just a single line of CSS code to control the pointer events and the location of the blur and its surrounding effects. Kevin Haag has created a Webflow cloneable that demonstrates this technique and has categorized it under the categories of Background, Gradient, Hover, and CSS. By using the Background Gradient Hover Effect, you can easily add a dynamic and interactive hover effect to your Webflow projects.

Add a liquid metal background animation to your Webflow site via WebGL. Please note that this example relies heavily on scripts and custom code so you'll need to add the custom code found within the page settings.

A fun way of adding a water mouse hover ripple effect to your Webflow site. Simply add a tiny code and the javascript library and you're all set.

A fully cloneable animated blurry gradient background that can be used on your hero section, or other sections of your site. Helps add a layer of dynamic elements to your Webflow site. This is a 100% native solution with Webflow interactions and utilizes colored div blocks with CSS scaling.

A fun, interactive bubble blog for your Webflow site driven by Three.js. This interactive bubble blob follows the mouse around the page and moves and interacts based on it's location. A fun way of adding a dynamic and interactive background animation to your Webflow site.

A huge selection of premade Webflow animations, including animated buttons, click buttons, circular hover buttons, scroll down animations, nav link animations, tab animations, search bars, social media buttons, text animations, contact cards, blog cards, product cards and more.

A fun GSAP text hover image span effect created for Webflow. When hovering over a specific text or link, images appear on the screen. Perfect for dynamic and playful interactions powered by GSAP. This script is powered by GSAP and you can find the custom code found in the page settings. This allows you to signify images that appear when a user hovers over a native Webflow text span item. This is also mobile friendly as the code allows you to set media resolution settings and customizing the effect on the non-selected text span. You are able to customize the easing, zindex position, colors and much more.

An exploding text particles animation using Three.js in Webflow. A good demonstration of how to add Three.js to your Webflow site. In this cloneable the text begins to morph and explode as you move the cursor over it. Please note that this uses custom code found in the head and closing body tags of the page settings.

Background swirl animation via canvas backgrounds in Webflow. This method is created via a custom JS file found in the closing body tag of the page settings. This utilizes the unique javascript text "hack" allowing you to host JS files as text files in Webflow and calling that text file as a script.

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A fun way of changing the gradient background color via mouse in Webflow. Please note this will not work in Firefox. This is a native Webflow interaction and just a single line of CSS code. The CSS controls the pointer events to none while the interactions control the location of the blur and it's surrounding effects.

A fun crystal ball hover styled button for Webflow. This was designed entirely with native Webflow interactions and does not use any type of custom code.

Create a seamless page transition for your pages in Webflow. Using just a small snippet of custom code you can allow the page time to complete an exit transition with an intro transition on the new page. Set your links to preload your pages for even faster performance.

A fully native dark-mode toggle button to convert your Webflow site into dark mode or light mode at the switch of a button. This technique utilizes Webflow's native interactions and the Filter, BG color, text color and border color functionality.

Here's a way of creating a glowing, 3D hover card effect in Webflow. When a user hovers over the card the card creates a 3D effect with a gradient outline, another interaction is added to show a 3D rotating reflection. All of this was created with Webflow interactions and zero custom code.

A fun way of adding a little retro 3D grid animation with overlay scan-lines to your background/site.

Add numbered paginations to your CMS collection lists via this small custom code snippet.

A unique 3D scrolling interaction created for Webflow. As a user scrolls between sections each transition has various 3D effects with the image coming in one way and the text flying in another way. A majority of this was created with Webflow's native interactions while some minor CSS was utilized for the scrolling effects.

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