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10 HTML Webflow Code Snippets to supercharge your site.

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CMS Add to Calendar Button

Add a Calendar button for via your Webflow CMS via this custom Javascript and CSS. This enables your users to easily add events to their calendars based on dates/information in your Webflow CMS.

Twitter Open Graph Meta

Optimize your Twitter Open Graph meta information for your Webflow site with this code snippet. This allows you to optimize the shared information and what's displayed on Twitter when someone shares your site.

Google Review Star Schema

Add Google review stars to your Webflow site via this small Javascript script and CSS. This allows your Webflow site to display star ratings in Google's search results.

International Flags Phone Number Input

Add international flags to a phone number for input in Webflow. Adding this allows for a unique way of adding international flags to a phone form field in your Webflow site.

Facebook Open Graph Meta

Add Facebook's open graph meta information to your site to optimize the information when something is shared on Facebook from your site. Optimize this even more by hooking up Webflow CMS to Facebook's open graph meta.

Count Up Numbers on Page Scroll

When scrolling down the page numbers count up as they enter browser view via this Javascript snippet on your Webflow site. An easy way to add number count up to your Webflow site.

File upload preview

Add a file upload preview option to Webflow's native File upload input field. This adds a preview window to the file upload form in Webflow's native solution.

Google No Index

This helps prevent Google from indexing pages of your choosing on your Webflow site.

Google Article Schema

Add Google article schema to your Webflow site with this custom script. This allows you to let Google know that there's a relevant article and the necessary information to markup via a schema.

Prevent Input Zoom Scaling on Mobile

Prevent an input form zoom scaling on mobile on your Webflow site. This allows for a better user experience based on your sites design rather than mobile OS zoom default properties.