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Here's a custom slider with dashes instead of dots and a next/previous slide via mouse click in Webflow. The cursor turns into a custom cursor upon hovering above the slide on your Webflow site.

Here's a way to utilize List.js with Webflow native CMS to create filtered and searchable lists within your Webflow site. This helps users filter specific information and details from a large list quickly and easily from within your Webflow site.

Using Airtable and No Code API to power the job listings of a Webflow site rather than using the CMS.

Add a character count to an input field on your Webflow site. This is perfect for creating limitations or showing the character count of an input field.

A simple countdown/launch timer for your Webflow site. This demonstration utilizes a custom script in order for it to work properly. You'll need to include the script found in the HTML embed in order for this to work properly. You'll also need to udpate the date and time to the future date/time that you'd like for it to count down to. This script allows you to customize the countdown timer to your own local date and time so that it works properly for any time zone.

Here's how to utilize a Deck of Cards API via GitHub, VS Code and jsDelivr with your Webflow sites. Be sure to check the tutorial video and GitHub repo to tie it all together. A nice way of understanding how to make Webflow content even more dynamic via the power of low-code.

How to get Airtable to power Webflow with Nocodeapi as a Headless CMS

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