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SVR is a free Webflow template perfect for technology based VR services or SaaS sites. This template features a number of unique interactions and immediately visible in the hero section. As you move your mouse over the hero section the hands move on the page. Scrolling down there is a features slider with more unique interactions. The first slide's cards flip 3 dimensionally on hover, the second slide features a unique video play button with magnetic pull effect and the third slide has a 3d transform effect while hovering. Scrolling down the product section features another unique tabbed layout. When hovering over the various products the items raise up, upon clicking on them there's information about each product. Scrolling down the page you'll immediately notice the parallax style scroll interactions which makes the entire site feel 3D. Finally there's a call to action with another parallax blur into focus.

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Neftali Loria

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