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Pricing Comparison Table

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The Pricing Comparison Table is a beautifully designed tool for showcasing and featuring a pricing page on your Webflow site. This cloneable, which was created by Flowbase, is available in Webflow and is categorized under the Pricing category. The Pricing Comparison Table includes everything you need to present your pricing options in a professional and organized manner. This technique is particularly useful for websites that offer multiple pricing packages to clients and need to feature a comparison table. The Pricing Comparison Table is easy to implement in your Webflow project and is a great way to enhance the functionality and usability of your website. Whether you want to make it easier for potential customers to choose the right pricing option for their needs or just want to present your pricing in a clear and concise manner, the Pricing Comparison Table is a great choice.

A unique slider pricing calculator that updates the pricing table based on the slider options in Webflow. This is a great way to customize your pricing page tailored to the users unique features that dictate your pricing for your Webflow site and service.

A CMS driven range slider that updates the price based on the selected range in Webflow. This pricing range slider is connected to Webflow's native CMS system. Note that this requires custom code within the Body close tag section to work properly.

Here's a dynamic pricing table that updates the pricing and currency symbols based on the selected currency in Webflow. A great way to show different pricing based on the currency selection of your users.

Add a monthly and yearly annual toggle pricing page to your Webflow site. This predesigned pricing table is built with the relevant toggle interactions to add an annual and monthly pricing table to your Webflow project.

A 4 column pricing table cloneable design featuring a bump effect for a primary package in Webflow. This beautiful pricing table includes features, package names, pricing info, and a 3D bump effect for the primary package that you'd like to put emphasis on.

A pricing/quote calculator slider built with custom Javascript for Webflow. Here's a great way to add a custom pricing quote with a slider and forms to create an accurate pricing quote for your clients in Webflow.

An interactive horizontal scroll pricing calculator for Webflow. This lets customers or prospects calculate the pricing of your services via an interactive pricing calculator.

Here's a way to bulid a pricing calculator based on multiple slider inputs to get an estimate/quote for your clients. This is accomplished using the native Webflow slider element and a bit of CSS to style the controls. Values are updated by the sliders as well as by entering in a number within the top input fields. This is perfect for custom pricing and quotes needed on a pricing page.

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An FAQ accordion for Webflow that includes all of the Webflow interactions to make it work. This accordion offers a simple design and is fully responsive with prebuilt interactions to make the magic happen.

A well designed starter dropdown navigation menu with hover over for Webflow. This consists of clear class names, 100% native interactions and basic dropdown triggers. It's also mobile friendly and responsive design.

A wonderfully designed pricing comparison table with everything you'd need to showcase and feature a pricing page on your site.

Power up your Webflow tabs through a timed, auto-rotating tabs feature. This is perfect to add emphasis to your Webflow tabs and more specifically demos, explainers, testimonials and just about everything else you can think of. This is a super simple script that adds auto rotation to Webflows native tabs.

Want to add smooth scrolling to your Webflow site? With this cloneable you'll be able to add smooth scrolling via luxy.js. Adding smooth scrolling doesn't need to be complicated and there are plenty of options to achieve this inertia type scroll effect although Luxy.js provides a great way to achieve this.

Here's a beautifully designed rotating testimonial slider in Webflow. A great way to build trust with your prospective clients. This testimonial component will auto slide between your testimonials with a smooth transitioning effect.

A great way of adding a date/calendar picker to forms or other elements within Webflow. Provides the essentials to get it added in 30 seconds and easily configurable based on your own style. Inherits the <body> typography. Please note that the date picker does require custom code found within the Page Settings. This utilizes Datepicker.js to create the date picker and the styling allows you to further customize the styling.

Here's a way to create a multi-step Webflow form that includes a step counter, custom confirmation animations and custom checkboxes. A perfect way to filter leads, create long forms that are filled out, and segment your lists/clients.

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