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The Multi Step Webflow Form is a powerful and efficient way to create multi-step forms on your Webflow site. This cloneable element includes a step counter, custom confirmation animations, and custom checkboxes, making it easy to create long forms that are easy for users to complete and navigate. This can be a great way to filter leads, segment your lists or clients, and collect detailed information from your users. The Multi Step Webflow Form is a cloneable component that was created by Flowbase, a team of experienced designers and developers, and it falls under the categories of Form and Slider. If you're looking to create multi-step forms on your Webflow site and want a solution that's efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing, the Multi Step Webflow Form is a great choice.

Add a progress bar to your draggable CMS slider sections in Webflow. Typically most draggable, or third party sliders, don't offer a progress bar indicator. Using the power of Dragdealer.js you can now add a progress bar and draggable CMS slider to your Webflow site. Please note that you'll need to add the global styles HTML embed as well as the custom script found in the closing body tag within the Page settings for this to work properly.

Looking to add a dynamic image slider that can change based on categories? Here's way to add a dynamic image slider driven by Webflow CMS that can be filtered by categories or links of your choosing. The amount of slides is determined by the amount of images added to the multi-image field within collections.

Here's a basic example of utilizing Swiper.js for a slider within your Webflow site. Swiper.js is great for adding a draggable slider with a variety of effects within Webflow.

A beautiful Swiper.js overlapping cards slider built for Webflow. This Swiper.js slider is perfect for a hero section or features section of a site. When a user navigates between slides the top card is removed and the next card in line comes into view. The cards are stacked with various offsets so it looks like playing cards. There are text transitions for each text associated with the slide. This slider was created using Swiper.js and utilizes Webflow's native CMS collections. This allows you to dynamically generate slides based on the collection list items. This requires custom code so be sure to look at the pages custom code for the Swiper.js code. You can modify the Swiper.js code to include grabcursor, looping, and utilizing arrows to navigate between slides.

A 3D Splide.js CMS draggable slider for Webflow. This 3D draggable slider created with Splide.js allows you to integrate Webflow's native CMS solution with Splide.js to create a dynamic and interactive slider with Webflow. The slider features navigation arrows and the ability to drag between each slide item, perfect for desktop or mobile. There's also a 3D effect with the slides entering and exiting the viewport. The Splide.js slider allows you to customize the number of items per page, per move as well as various break point functionality for mobile responsiveness. You're also able to modify the delay, duration and easing in and out. This example is infinite looping so that there's no beginning or end and the users can navigate endlessly between each individual slide that is powered by Webflow CMS.

Explore techniques for implementing unique Webflow CMS sliders via Swiper.js. Flow Ninja built 8 different slider options including a basic slider, a thumbnail slider, infinite loop swiper great for client logos, auto height, pop-up modal sliders, grid sliders, vertical sliders and a number pagination slider. These prebuilt Webflow sliders utilize Swiper.js to operate correctly so it's important to add the code implemented in the head tag and closing body tag found in the Page Settings for this to work properly.

Add custom CMS slider with stacking and overlapping cards.

Cards 2 is an amazing UI kit and framework to allow you to quickly design and wireframe your next landing page using Webflow. There are over 100+ different prebuilt symbols and components included for hi-fidelity wireframing for any UI/UX designers. Create landing pages and designs faster with the Cards 2.0 UI kit directly in Webflow and ready to be published directly with code. This UI kit includes 50 new cards as Webflow components/symbols in both dark and light variations. 3 complete landing page designs in both dark and light. Symbols/components for both hero sections, features, testimonials, team, pricing pages, blog posts and more. These are responsive for all 4 breakpoints and all cards are offered in a Sketch file. This UI kit allows you to build your designs faster and begin the design process directly in Webflow.

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An FAQ accordion for Webflow that includes all of the Webflow interactions to make it work. This accordion offers a simple design and is fully responsive with prebuilt interactions to make the magic happen.

A well designed starter dropdown navigation menu with hover over for Webflow. This consists of clear class names, 100% native interactions and basic dropdown triggers. It's also mobile friendly and responsive design.

A wonderfully designed pricing comparison table with everything you'd need to showcase and feature a pricing page on your site.

Power up your Webflow tabs through a timed, auto-rotating tabs feature. This is perfect to add emphasis to your Webflow tabs and more specifically demos, explainers, testimonials and just about everything else you can think of. This is a super simple script that adds auto rotation to Webflows native tabs.

Want to add smooth scrolling to your Webflow site? With this cloneable you'll be able to add smooth scrolling via luxy.js. Adding smooth scrolling doesn't need to be complicated and there are plenty of options to achieve this inertia type scroll effect although Luxy.js provides a great way to achieve this.

Here's a beautifully designed rotating testimonial slider in Webflow. A great way to build trust with your prospective clients. This testimonial component will auto slide between your testimonials with a smooth transitioning effect.

A great way of adding a date/calendar picker to forms or other elements within Webflow. Provides the essentials to get it added in 30 seconds and easily configurable based on your own style. Inherits the <body> typography. Please note that the date picker does require custom code found within the Page Settings. This utilizes Datepicker.js to create the date picker and the styling allows you to further customize the styling.

Here's a way to create a multi-step Webflow form that includes a step counter, custom confirmation animations and custom checkboxes. A perfect way to filter leads, create long forms that are filled out, and segment your lists/clients.

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