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Finsweet Client First v2 Starter

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This is the official starter project for the Finsweet Client-First styleguide and class naming convention. This cloneable allows you to to easily get up and running on the structured class system that is used for the Client First class methodology. This includes the wrapper classes, container classes, padding, H tags, text styles, text weights and much more. This styleguide also comes with button combo classes, color palettes, icon sizes, and useful utility systems like hiding, overflow, pointer events and other critical utility classes. Get up and running using Finsweet's Client First methodology with this cloneable.

The starter style guide project for the Relume Library. This project contains a style guide with the necessary pre-built classes. There are no pages, no layouts, and nothing to delete. This simply allows you to get up and running with Relume, easily. The Relume Library uses Finsweet's client-first Webflow style system. You can find the prebuilt page under Drafts/Style Guide. The styleguide comes with Headings (H1-H6), heading classes (heading-xxlarge), Paragraphs, Links, Block Quotes, Lists, text sizes, text weights, letter spacing, line heights, text styles (using custom Global CSS), text alignment, rich text, colors, background colors, premade shadows, UI elements, buttons (with icons, alternates, icon locations), form elements, icons, image wrappers.

Cards 2 is an amazing UI kit and framework to allow you to quickly design and wireframe your next landing page using Webflow. There are over 100+ different prebuilt symbols and components included for hi-fidelity wireframing for any UI/UX designers. Create landing pages and designs faster with the Cards 2.0 UI kit directly in Webflow and ready to be published directly with code. This UI kit includes 50 new cards as Webflow components/symbols in both dark and light variations. 3 complete landing page designs in both dark and light. Symbols/components for both hero sections, features, testimonials, team, pricing pages, blog posts and more. These are responsive for all 4 breakpoints and all cards are offered in a Sketch file. This UI kit allows you to build your designs faster and begin the design process directly in Webflow.

This is the official starter UI kit for the Untitled UI Webflow components library driven by Relume. This project contains a styleguide with all of the necessary pre-built classes. There are no pages, no layouts and nothing that you need to delete. This Untitled UI kit uses the client-first Webflow styling system. The styleguide features all typography, H1 headings, H2 headings all the way through H6 headings. This also includes the heading classes from xxlarge to xsmall, paragraphs, links, block quotes, unordered and ordered lists. You'll find the class text sizes such as text size large, text weights, text heights, text styles, color swatches, including error, warning and success color states. Background colors, text colors, shadows, UI buttons and all necessary elements, badges, badge groups, form elements such as inputs, dropdowns, checkboxs and radios. This is the complete Untitled UI styleguide kit to jump start your next Webflow builds.

Hatch is a utility framework/UI kit that is made up of 2,200 low-level utility classes, allowing you to get started on your Webflow sites faster. From font sizing to spacing scales based on responsiveness. The documentation for each class can be found here: https://www.notion.so/Hatch-0d4a03cf6c9f474787e59484822d09c7

The Mast CSS framework is one of our favorite Webflow frameworks. It's based on a developer first mentality and features essential classes and strategies to help you build efficient Webflow sites. It's built with the less is more mentality, less classes, less elements to maintain which means faster sites and less development time. This framework allows you to quickly build anything from scratch by utilizing an essential set of HTML and CSS building blocks. Get up and running quickly with the Styleguide that features typography, heading classes, body text classes for paragraph, eyebrow text elements, ordered lists, unordered lists, color swatches, text colors, components such as buttons (primary, secondary, text links, form fields with radios and checkboxes, cards, utility classes, padding, alignment, overflow, size, helpers, layout, grids, columns and other helpful items.

This is a styleguide combination of the Wizardry system and Finsweets Client first methodology. The Wizardry system is an em-based fluid scaling system that is combined with the first class structure and naming conventions of the client first class naming structure and conventions. The main area where the two systems are combined is in sticking with REM units for the small text elements so that on desktop they don't end up too small on low resolution screens. The design also has a mockup at 1440px and in the template the body font size is set to 1.111vw, which is equivelent to 16px for simple px to em conversion.

A wonderful style guide created by Flow Ninja. Jump start your Webflow build with this pre-built style guide. Includes a figma file, font styles, headings, block quotes, unordered lists, ordered lists, rich text elements, buttons, colors, inputs, containers, sections, paddings/sizing, margins, text alignment, flex and much more. This is a well organized styleguide featuring screenshots of the relevant sections if affects in Webflow. An excellent starting platform to build your own styleguide or use Flow Ninja's default styles.

A styleguide for Timothy Ricks Wizardry technique in Webflow. This styleguide will add the core elements of the Wizardry technique to your Webflow site.

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A set of various language switcher elements designed for your Webflow site. If you use translation on your site these handy language switcher elements will come in handy. There are 14 different designs with necessary interactions to make them easy to copy and paste into your Webflow site. Nearly every kind of design you could think of to make this easy to implement.

This is the official project starter cloneable for Client-First. It contains a style guide page with all the utility classes that come with the Client-First style system. What is Client-First? https://www.finsweet.com/client-first Full docs: https://www.finsweet.com/client-first/docs Made with 💪 by Finsweet

An advanced demonstration of using Finsweets Attributes CMS Filter using no-code for Webflow. The example includes a search input, sorting, checkboxes, range slider, sorting, drop down, radio buttons and more. A great way to understand the capabilities and advanced filtering options of Attributes CMS filtering.

Backdrop filters for Webflow that show three different background effects including inverting colors, saturating colors, hue rotation, and grayscale created by Finsweet. This cloneable was created to showcase Webflow's latest native backdrop filters.

Want to add more than 5 Webflow collection items per list or have more than 1 nested Webflow collection per page? With Finsweet's Attributes you are now able to do this! Create a CMS nest functionality without any limitations and add more than 1 nested Webflow per CMS page. In order for this to work you'll need to add the custom JS library found in Page Settings head section and refer to Finsweet's documentation.

Complex techniques to achieve amazing background effects using unique blending and backdrop filter effects and blending effects. In this demo you'll see a hide/show background effect on scroll, moving divs/assets wherever on a page and the various blending techniques, mouse hover over to effect background effects and more. Combine separate channels into full colour photo; magically hide and show objects simultaneously using nothing but solid coloured divs; play with stacking various blend modes on top of each other; see the mind-bending inception of inversion of already inverted objects; use interactive colour changer for your elements, that does not even touch the elements themselves; create fun colour-restoring games; reveal the magical world invisible to naked eye with your blend-empowered cursor.

A full suite of wonderfully designed and accessible components for Finsweets Attributes CMS Filter and Webflow forms. Includes radio button, checkbox, dropdown, search input, select, range slider and more!

Want to add a range slider to Webflow? Here's a way to add a range slider inside Webflow using Finsweet's Attributes. This slider can be used for either forms or filters on your Webflow projects. Please note that you'll need to add a custom JS library found within the head tag in order for this to work properly. Also check the documentation in order to ensure you've set this up correctly.

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